You say Lumos whenever you turn on a flashlight!!!!!

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You cry on your twelth bithday, because you never got an acceptance letter to hogwarts when you were eleven
I know more than one person who did this...actually, I know about five, perhaps six.
i was so upset when i didnt get my letter, it was kinda tragic :P
me and ruth and my friend steph did too lol :S
I did that too. I started reading the series when I was in like Second Grade on my own. So I was so upset when I did not get that letter.
my friend wrote herself a hogwarts acceptance letter...
I wrote myself an Hogwarts acceptance letter lol
I was so devistated as it grew closer to my twelth birthday, my best friend got help from his mom to write me an acceptance letter. great friend! :) His dd snuck by my house when I wasn't looking. They left it with my gift. what was my gift? A stuffed Hedwig with my letter banded to its foot. :D
Thats pretty cool i like the Deathly Hallows picture. I wasn't that insane about harry potter and now that i am 18 late admissions just probably is not going to happen.
I have a friend who sent his brother an acceptance letter from Hogwarts when he was eleven. His brother was the happiest person in the whole world and then cried when he realized it was a prank.
That's so meann!
I also did this to my brother.


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