I knew some people back in high school that decided to get married either during school or immediately after graduation. It seemed a little...strange, to be honest. I myself got engaged before the end of my senior year but I'm Muslim and we tend to get married young (but yes, even then, I'm a little younger than young.) I noticed that most of these kids ended up not attending a college, not finding a career and not doing what they wanted to do. I always wonder if it is the people who are in these situations or is it the situations themselves that help those marriages become sources of unhappiness.


My question is, is marriage really something a young person is capable to face? Does a complex, working relationship require a certain age or only a certain level of maturity? And are there particular things that a person should look for in a spouse, or is it really all about "I love you forever n ever n ever"?



Hope you guys have some interesting thoughts.

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Example of books would be nice.
SO you're of first marriage, then sex?
I think the number of divorces are higher when the people marry young (and are 'allowed' to divorce). Most people in the Netherlands marry in their thirtees or later, I think. And the problem is that you're more naive at young age. And if a lot of the young weds don't go to school, I find it stupid. I don't think that marrying or making real marriage plans at the age of 18 is common here in the Netherlands.

Generally, it's a stupid idea. People - males especially - continue to develop even after high school. Some people think they're all grown up after they finish high school, but the truth it they're not. You change, you mature. Suddenly, a few years later, you're not so right for the person you're married to anymore. I know a girl who knows she's marrying her boyfriend after high school. She's a sophomore and he's her first boyfriend. It really bothers me because how does she know she wants to be with him for the rest of her life if she's never experienced dating anyone else? It just doesn't make sense to me.

It's true that some high school relationships do last. My aunt married her high school sweetheart and they're still together. But I am a fan of thinking things through. I don't think people should marry right out of high school. If you really want to marry your high school sweetheart, wait a few years and see if you feel the same way. Then you're safe.

It depends. I myself wouldn't get married before I finish college,but if someone wants to get married young and they continue their education,then I'm fine with it. It might be wrong,but that person will learn from his or hers own mistakes. You never know,maybe that marriage will work.


Also,I'm Muslim too. And I have to say that it's not true that Muslims tend to get married young. It all depends from people to people.

It depends a lot on culture, yes. According to the advice of the Prophet, peace be upon him, one should get married young to avoid putting oneself in the way of temptation.

Of course. 

And if you feel more temptation, just get another wife! (unless of course you're a woman, 'cause women just don't deserve multiple husbands).

Especially one under the age of 10. 


No, if you feel more temptation, fast. You marry another woman when you one, sincerely know you have money to supply them both their own homes, own income, maidservants, and family. Otherwise, you fail.


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