hey everyone. just wondering, which was your first brotherhood2/vlogbrothers video? did you actually start from the beginning/go back to the beginning? what about this video made you watch more?

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I watched the introductory video, and then I started from the very beginning. So now I'm into October '07 and continuing on!

My first video was "Accio Deathly Hallows," at which point I'd already read LfA but didn't make the connection. Later on I somehow found their videos again, and I think my first few included some giraffe love. And the rest is history.

I'm not sure how many of the videos I've watched. Probably not all of them.

My first video of theirs was "The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1" that I viewed on the 13th February, 13 is my lucky number :P I found it watching some other youtube videos while jumping through some related videos, sometimes youtube takes you to amazing places with their recommendations, most of the time it's nonsense though.

I enjoyed John's "The Test" monologue so much that I decided to join this community and began watching Brotherhood 2.0 from the beginning. I am now in August 07 and have really enjoyed learning about John and Hank.

My 1st was the introductory video. The 2nd I watched was John waxing his legs. That video is really what hooked me and I at that point started at the beginning and have finally caught up.

A  girlfriend of mine  ran across the first episode of crash course world history.  Which  sent me off to find the other youtube vid's  by the brothers.  I  watch the new ones as they are posted, and have  gotten all the way through  from the begining to the end of 2008, soon  i will be all caught up.  ;p

I started watching the Sci Show all the way through, and was disappointed when I came to the end ... then discovered Brotherhood 2, and started watching from the beginning! I'm about midway through year two. 

I got really sick with the flu two weeks ago and started watching with the most recent video and went backwards in time. Since then, I have watched literally every single vlogbrothers video. I just finished January 2007 today! My flu seems to have dissipated now that I've finished all the videos.

that much awesome will do things like that.

I was introduced by a friend via the Humpy Hank video, I watched the intro video and then I started from the beginning. I'm in August '07!

Actually i started by watching sci-show and then gravitated to the rest of the shows...2012... i missed out on a lot

we're all here now though.

I was on Kickstart backing Ze Franks return to The Show when I saw lots of references to Nerd Fighters. Then a few days later following some science videos about leap years I ended at Crash Course. I thought to myself that wow these guys were influenced by Ze Frank a lot. Some searching discovered the connections. I watched all of Crash Course then the latest two vlogbrothers then went back and watched from the beginning of this year, now gone back to very beginning and I am at June '07. In that time I also listened to all of Johns books.

Crash Course, followed by Vlogbrothers were the first two channels that I subscribed to on YouTube. Before now YouTube was just a repository of videos that people shared links to on other sites like Facebook.

I started watching Ze Frank when he only had hundreds of viewers. I introduced many of my friends to The Show and now have introduced them to the Brothers Green.


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