hey everyone. just wondering, which was your first brotherhood2/vlogbrothers video? did you actually start from the beginning/go back to the beginning? what about this video made you watch more?

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was kinda thinking about this last night.  i know, unless you special order it, John doesn't narrate the Fault in Our Stars but i don't remember if he narrates any of the others.

The first one I saw was John giving advice on college and boyfriends and such. It was hilarious and I had to know more then I started at the beginning and I'm up to June '07.

there are a couple like that so i'm not sure, but one of the relationship ones was my first too.

I can't remember... I watched the most recent one, which was just before the Strange Charm music video was released. I just continued watching from there as videos were released (Strange Charm was my third or fourth), and then I decided a few months a go to go back and watch form the beginning, so I have seen all of them.

I started watching last month, and I started at the very beginning. Since then, I've been watching all the videos in order as well as the ones they are putting out now, in 2012. Not sure if that made any sense, but I hope it did.

i've done that.  how far along are you?

Wow, I tried to do that, but I'm watching just random videos.

The fist video that I watched was Thoughts from a Butterfly something (I don't remember) because I am subcribed on Charlie Is So Cool Like channel and he liked that video. I found intersting and I looked up other videos. I just loved it.

The very first Vlogbrothers video I ever watched was Hank's 31 Jokes For Nerds. I'm fairly positive it was the nerdy pickup lines that won me over. XD

heh, they are fantastic.

Well I had been on this site for almost 2 years before I watched them, I had heard if vlogbrothers on here before but had did not know what it was until I started watching. I don't remember what video was first

I couldn't sleep one night and searched Youtube for lullabies. There I discovered adorable baby is adorable, and learned about the Sultanate of Oman. 
After that I watched every video, and realized I'd seen tons of what they did. 


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