hey everyone. just wondering, which was your first brotherhood2/vlogbrothers video? did you actually start from the beginning/go back to the beginning? what about this video made you watch more?

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I saw the video PurpleHatFilms made to Strange Charm and followed the link to the original, but it was a few more months before I realise that the Brothers Green had a lot more to offer.  I'm currently on the last page of their playlist, having had an epic archive binge on all the videos, in order. 

congratulations.  what do you plan to do with all your time once you're done?

I'm not sure.  I'm still a bit shellshocked. 

that would do it.  well, should you feel withdrawal in a week or so, there's always Crashcourse, Hankgames and so on... not to mention all the other Nerdfighting youtubers/youtubing Nerdfighters.

Oh, I've been watching crashcourse as they have been released and have been filled with evangelical zeal for it, recommending it to as many people as possible. 

that is so jokes of you

I actually saw Hank's Deathly Hallows song first. I didn't start watching right after that, but as soon as I saw a few of there videos I decided that I had to go back to the beginning and watch them all. It was a lot. But no complaints! I loved every minute!

My first video was the hankroll. I was so confused! I kept watching their videos and became a nerdfighter soon after.

I first saw Hank's video about Gay Marriage floating around tumblr. Then I went to to view John's version, and before I even knew what a nerdfighter was I knew these two were made of awesome. In the past 2 weeks or so, I've started from the beginning and reached mid 2008. 


welcome to the ning btw

Double thnx!

my pleasure.  made any more progress this week?


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