Your'e Least Favorite Critically Acclaimed Book/ Band / Film

I was just wondering out of all the books that are stamped with a sticker of greatness, or artist that has been recieving way too much attention ,or films that got a billion thumbs up , what are youre least favorites?

mine are as follows:

book: The BELL JAR- i hated it from the beginning all the way to the end . i only trucked through it cause i was sure thered be a rewarding payoff but i just never got it .

band: babyshambles- pete doherty was brilliant as a libertine but with babyshambles its literally like he's so caught up with himself he cant put anything decent out.

film: no country for old men - i know its really popular but honest to god everything those brothers touch turns into the most boring thing in the world.

your turn!

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We had to read Huckleberry Finn for English in highschool, and I could not STAND it. It's not that I didn't like his style of writing, I just hated the content. I had a hard time finishing the thing in time cause I kept falling asleep while reading it...
Book (well, author): Jane Austen. Just... yeah.

Band: Theory of a Creedleback and Moldy Peaches. Kimya Dawson has the most irritating voice I've ever heard.
read: letters to alice; on first reading jane austen by fay weldon.
film. atonement, it is rubbish, yet gets such good reviews
I didn't like it either. I thought it was a great movie. Until the ending. The ending ruined it for me because you think it's going to be a happy ending and everything works out and then... Not. It make me so mad!

I have absolutely no idea why Radiohead is critically acclaimed.

I also have absolutely no idea how Coldplay gets lumped into the Rock category for awards, never mind nominated for them.

Aside from the increase in ticket prices over the years, I still don't know how Avatar ended up being the biggest money maker of all time.  After watching the trailer and the really bad CGI, I don't even know how it lasted more than one week in wide release.  There was just absolutely nothing in that trailer that made me remotely interested in the movie.  If I could decipher the basic concept from the trailer, it seemed generic, so no ticket buying interest there.  Plus, blue tribal aliens?  Really?  That got enough people interested to see the movie in the first place?  COME ON NOW.

Oh...and Sleater Kinney.

They kept being heralded as really angsty chicks who had this badass attitude.  Intrigued, I looked them up on YouTube and found the video for Jumper.

Seriously?  This was about as wussy as Wilson Phillips, not to mention that one of the band was dressed as an 80s secretary (and I don't think it was with any sense of irony).

Book: Of Mice and Men... I have read this and The Pearl and together they have successfully made me never want to read another John Steinbeck book again (although, as an English major, I will almost definitely have to read The Grapes or Wrath)

Music: SO many mainstream artists to choose from... I'm going to have to go with Niki Manaj. She sounds obnoxious, looks plastic, and needs to put a shirt on.

Film: Twilight. I read the books, was pretty pumped for the movies, and they ended up being a complete atrocity. (I don't know how much fame it got but Wicker Man was probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a while, too).

AAh I hate Niki Manaj. I agree with everything you said about her. If you take the time to read the lyrics (or jsut watch nerimon's video) they are absolutely awful.

I also agree with the twilight movies.

I saw that! That was the first time that I had heard any lyrics to that song (other than the name). It was hard to believe that someone would make a song that dumb, let alone have thousands of people buy it. Someone got me to watch the music video for it and I don't even know how it got categorized as music. (I had to watch some vlogbrothers afterward to get back a couple of brain cells and my dignity).

Book: I have never finished a book that didn't hook me in from the first chapter.. 

Band: Niki Manaj and Drake. Drake did a free concert at my school called Extravaganza where 5-6 bands come and perform. He is completely crude and disgusting and vulgar. So glad I didn't have to pay to watch him.

Movie: Lost in Translation. I understand what I was supposed to get out of it, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't boring.


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