and you have only ONE book with you? What book would it be?

And no, it can't be one of John's books (too ovbious an answer) or something like "How to Make a Helicopter out of Coconuts" or something along those lines.

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Probably like one of those collections of books that have like 20 books in one. hard, Um...Pawn of Prophecy/The Belgariad, just because they are my most loved books of all time.
It has to be a book that can carry everything, like has a secret compartment where it can hold clothes and gadgets and fancy stuff like that :)
but on a serious note.
I'd want to bring Elsewhere, it's such a lovely book.
Or even, The Vampire Lestat.
It would have to be an omnibus.

Or a blank book so I could write my own story and thus have a very escapist existance for a while.
a carl hiaasen omnibus. but they never have everything.


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