Youtube collab channel, I would love 6 awesome nerd fighters to join me!

I am a teen, and I live in Texas... WITH NO NERD FIGHTERS NEARBY! I would love to start a video blog with 6 other people, they each person could have their own day. You can be a guy or a girl, you just have to be prepared for fun and randomness. It will be pretty much the same style as Hank and John's, but everyone can add input!

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I am looking for people that would just simply be willing to commit. I just think this would be really an awesome vlog if we make it to be! I'm hoping for people as interested as I am, and that they feel welcome and are prepared to share ideas.
A Klestecya just replied to another message I put up about vlogging, she is interested as well, so we have a probable group of 3 so far!
May I have the link, if there is one?
yes ma'am :)
Thank you for the request! I regret to reform you.... ha there isn't one :) This Vlog will be starting from scratch.
I'm interested. I would have to figure out the camera situation, but I think I could work it out.

We are starting to form the members, who on this discussion is in for the vlogs?


Moi! But you already know that from the other post :P

Ha, yes but your enthusiasm is awesome!
I'm kind of like Hank in that way.  I'm always talking very fast and I can't stop myself.
I am now getting legitimately excited!
As am I :)  I'm mostly a book and music nerd so that is mainly what I would talk about. I'm not big into politics.


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