// Updated Oct 1 - We're all set to begin this Monday! :)
Five people across the hemispheres becoming friends through the prehistoric means of the Internet.
Tid bits:
  • Themed weeks!
  • The deadline to upload one's video is midnight in his/her time zone, or else.. >:)

The Vlogivores:
  • MONDAY - Angie (United States)
  • TUESDAY - Michele (United States)
  • WEDNESDAY - Daniel (Canada)
  • THURSDAY - Tricia (United States)
  • FRIDAY - Gabi (Australia)

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Damn, I think i'd be boring though too xD
If you don't mind getting to know a couple of girls who are four years older than you, you are more than welcome to talk to us via Stickam today or something! XD
Wow. 4 years XD
Alright! What time works for you?
9am or pm? I like to sleep in when I can, haha
I'd say I'm pretty game for joining a collab! I'm almost always on skype/aim so you can find me at either one of those (skype: mudha3947 aim:sharkofdhoom)

Let me know when you wanna chat/interview!

btw...I'm 21
Okay! Is tonight any good for you?
yeah tonight is good!
1. 21/Between Milwaukee WI and Chicago IL

2. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

3. I'm a musician, so my entire life is based on music. I also love to write, cook, read, watch movies, rock climb, go hiking, swimming/anything to do with water, and I'll listen to just about anything at least once. I'm trained classically so there will always be a spot in my heart for classical music, but I usually go for more indie/alternative music. I love finding artists that nobody else has heard of.

4. I tend to avoid disagreements with other people, but when need be I'm really good at handling disagreements diplomatically. I've been a member of Model UN for 7 years now (4 high school, 3 college) and I tend to be the peacemaker between people.

5. Gotta go with charlie mcdonnell or Kayley/Lauren from 5AG. Though if I had to say who is the most like me, definitely Kristina from 5AG.

6. People who aren't straight with me. I prefer people to be as blunt as possible when it comes to anything pertaining to me.

7. I can't. I have rehearsal. (hence the reason why monday-wednesday are hard for me to make)

8. Alterra Coffee, George (my violin), and Danny Boy (iPhone)
I added you on Skype!
yay ^^ i just noticed
do you want to talk some time tomorrow?


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