Everyone has one (or two...or three). What are yours?

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Charlie and John...and maayybe Johnny Durham. And Nerimon.

ohgod, and Julia Nunes...
Darren Criss, that classy sonofabitch

Tom Milsom. He's just so unbelievably awesome =) <3

Nerimon. Ditto


Destery Moore <3 

Darren Criss. 

Thank You youtube for introducing him to me!

psh..sorry..but im a lonly fan-girl, this will be predictable-


GearsKeepTurning...the hair, and dr who obsession


Tom milsom


Fizzylimon-nerdiness -_-





Hahaha I def have a youtube crush on a nerdfighter who posts videos, but he's also on the ning....




They are so AWPIC. :D

charlieissocoollike (probably a common option, but he is amazingly awesome and rather good looking too)

Shaycarl's brother LoganMckay55 - mega ooft!

And Tom Milsom! He is lovely <3

I can't remember if I've posted here before...but, oh well.


Charlie, obviously

Alex Day


Tom Milsom



Hmmmmmmmm................................. I guess kind of Tessa (Meekakitty) and Brinae (Untitledsymphony). And if we were both straight, probably Tyler Oakley (seems like the kind of guy I would like if I liked guys *shrug*). I think that's it, I thought I'd have a lot more. Oh, and Farra/ Elena (Nicklerox14), but that's because I know her personally and she's by bestest friend in the whole wide world forever and ever no matter what.
Meeka Kitty
John, Toby Turner, Rhett and Link. XD There are probably more, but I can't think of them all right now... =/


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