I'm 14 and never really vlogged before and am really interested in collab channels, so if anyone (between 13 -17) wants to help me out and be a part of it, just leave a reply!

Sorry if there isn't much detail.

Thanks, and remember DFTBA! :)

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Hi, I'm Jack (aged16). I've also been playing around with the idea of doing a vlog, and even got to the stage where I finished writing it and ready to film. I never actually got round to it. Probably because of nerves and stuff and I can't imagine I'll be any good at editing it (I've only got windows movie maker)

I wouldn't mind doing a colab, I guess it relieves a little more pressure anyway. What kind of thing do you have in mind?

Oh, and DFTBA :)

That's kind of the same thing with me, I have these cool little ideas, but then always make up excuses and end up not actually doing anything! I only have windows movie maker too, but you can do quite a lot with it once you know cool tricks.

And I don't really know what sort of vlog to do, but I like collabs like Hank and John's, and fiveawesomeguys. What sort of thing would you want to do? :)

Personally my favourite Vlog brothers vids are Thoughts from Places, but that kinda thing would be difficult to do.

But when you think about it nearly every video John and Hank do are different. Some are just average vlogs while others can range from pronunciation of words to news and stuff.

I think as long as you vlog about something you are passionate about it'll be good (even though I've never done one):P

Very true! :)

I think just like you say, vlogging about things that we're passionate about would be a good idea, I was thinking maybe we could do alternate weeks, or would you want more regular videos?

-Maybe we could just start introducing ourselves on the first videos, then see what happens? :)

Hey I'm Danielle I'm also 16. I've been thinking about vlogging for quite a while now but I put myself off the thought all the time as I always think I'm going to make an utter twit of myself. I'm not that good with editing either but I guess that's how most vloggers start off and progress. I feel so awkward >_< xD Oh my.

Hahah, why do you feel awkward? I'd love to vlog with you! What kind of time period would you be thinking of, because if there's only three of us it could be hard vlogging everyday?

I'm not sure, probably because I'm Ill. I don't mind what times to vlog aslong as it's after school say about 4ish. I have exams coming up though so I might be a little delayed sometimes with posting anything due to revision (I could squeeze it in) We could make a video about the best revision methods perhaps? We can also start with only a few vlogs a week and in some vlogs have it so we're all in the vlogs for example a skype call type vlog? My mind is going blank D:

I don't know about you guys but I've got exams coming up so everyday might be a bit of a problem. Although Im totally up for taking turns and doing on alternate weeks and whatnot. Depends what you guys think :)

I think that'd be an excellent Idea...I have an exam tomorrow so y'know GAAH D:

Alternate weeks it is then! Good luck for your exam Danielle!
So say its on a three week rota, one person on the first week, the next on the second, and last on the third. Then we'll all have plenty of time to plan and film, even if we've got something on.
When do you guys think we should start? I have exams this week and next, but then I could start after that :)


Three week rota sounds good right about now I have one more exam tomorrow and then no more till June So I should be able to do revision and plan.

I don't mind when we start but I think we should make the first video introducing us all together? 

Say we can split the video into three different columns and if we planned it all out so we talk at different times but are all on the same track just so It doesn't confuse people who watch the vlogs and are confused on why there's different people all of a sudden? 

That's a good idea, although the only way I can see this all fitting into one video is if we email it to each other or something, I'm not sure, I'm not really tech-savvy


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