I'm 14 and never really vlogged before and am really interested in collab channels, so if anyone (between 13 -17) wants to help me out and be a part of it, just leave a reply!

Sorry if there isn't much detail.

Thanks, and remember DFTBA! :)

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We could use skype to videocall if you want to do it like that but we might be buzy at different times so that might be an issue, we could also plan it out using email; create a script including times etc. But we may have to use skype if needs be to go through a test run so we have a small idea and then take a video each, I think windows movie maker has software to be able to insert all videos at once and if not I think skype should work? If you don't have skype we could use something else like tinychat or msn woo

That's a good idea, why don't we just have the videos at different times instead of all together, we could all film ourselvedoing the same script, then edit them so we're all saying different lines? That might be easier for timings and such, plus also my webcam doesn't work :/

That seems like a good idea, we should gather a few ideas and it'd prolly be best if we knew a bit about eachother first of all If you know what I mean? Damn webcams!

Ahaha! Yeah, webcam's are annoying! Should we get each other's email so we can get to know each other and start up a channel, I mean, we'll need a password, and it'll be easier to chat on email, although I'm not sure if you can chat with more than one person on Nerdfighters? (:

Yeah sure, I'll email you my email in a bit I also have facebook, twitter, skype and tumblr just because I'm that anti-social xD We also need a youtube name :3 I'm not sure if it's possible too either we'll just have to test it when all of us are online at one time xD

Damn, you need to accept my friend request before I can send you a message but the msn I use to contact people is Pearadventures(at) 

I'll accept your request, I don't have msn but you can tweet me if you want? @megterzza :)


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