Hey just wondering if any of you nerdfighters have a youtube account :]

let me know and ill check it out!

Heres mine:

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Awesome guys! :D
Only just started, but I will be doing more soon :)
just started and will be making another tonight and edit/post tomorrow
so subscribe to see me about town! (shameless plug)
got to the art walk and seattle art museum!
I post vlogs and sing songs :]
I'll check yours out as well!
nothing particularly interesting.

I'll check you all out.
nothing special just lipsyncs and some attempt vlogs and project for awsome video and stuff like that gonna probably start videos again soon idk if ill do lipsyncs or try and do better vlogs or somthing
This is great! I love having new youtube channels to look at. I hope anyone else reading this will check out my channel as well:

it's kind of a vlog floowing someone through a zombie apocalypse though..and off videos of my dog on tv lol

you need to do more videos though the one you have up are great!

I have one here. It only has one video on it, but I'm making some more today :) :


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