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Has anyone else read John's Zombie corn novella yet? I just finished reading it today! What did you think, (ignoring the minor editing mistakes that he promised us) I liked it, it wasn't quite looking for Alaska but I really like how he wrote the zombies, simply as ill, corn enslaved yet otherwise normal soulless people.


For a really spooky extra "I'm feeling lucky" google search Devotion 131Y not in quotes

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I was amazed how he was able to make the ending as beautiful as he did.


Definitely a unique story.


I'm really not sure what to think.

Free PDF and word document downloads were given out, heres the PDF one.

My favorite quote:

"I realized that Caroline and I had a philosophical disagreement, but we were both soaked in the same blood"

I also liked his portrayal of zombies not as the mindless, but the obsessed. I think that is a unique angle on zombies that has never been taken before.


I really loved the novella, but I am so pissed that he had Mia kill Caroline.  I understand why did it of course, but I loved Caroline, she was a great charter and I feel that if I were to experience a Zombie apocalypse I would probably wage war against the Zombies just like Caroline, because of my stupid relentless hope that somehow humanity could still be saved.  

*includes spoilers*

I think that part of why it was so sad to see Caroline go is that she is relatable to many Nerdfighters because is very pretty nerdy, and most of us would end up doing more or less the same things if we got to the end of a zombie apocalypse; she spends her time either in the library reading books (does that sound like someone else you may know), or killing the people infected with AMRV (which I'm sure that most of us would try to do in that setting). I mean she even describes herself as a nerd "I was just a regular nerd girl." The unfortunate part of her being so much of a nerd is that she took the more logical, less emotional route and killed Mia's sister for the better good, and their mutual survival.

I really liked it, and I read it in one sitting. No doubt his other books are better, more thought out and stuff, but I also really liked this one. It's very straight-forward, no big plottwists or anything, but it still manages to make you think about stuff you never questioned before.

what's the Devotion 131Y 'feeling lucky' meant to lead to? it keeps sending me back to this page :P Did anyone just really enjoy it? I read it straight through before starting an anthropology essay. I'm wondering how much the book influenced it :P
Aww I ruined it :( it used to lead to a website about sweet corn.
oh got it xD
I really liked it. I haven't read any of John's other stuff but as soon as I have some more book money I'm definitely going to the bookstore!

Loved the book

*contains spoilers for both zombicorns and Wolf's Rain proceed with extreme caution*

mixed feelings about Mia and Caroline

I really liked the shooting from a professional point of view. I think I'd be proud of that, had I written it. It was expected but not. From a purely Caroline fan based standpoint, it was kind of annoying. It reminded me a lot of when Cher died in Wolf's Rain. The way they were triumphant in that scene, having just survived a near death experience with a truck sliding to a stop next to a snowy cliff. Then just as they're getting out of the truck, all relieved, the ice cracks. It's a real downer, seeing Cher's shock as she goes down in slow motion and that "you've got to be kidding" look mixed with Hub's grief, but also an excellently put together scene. This is similar to how I feel about that. It sucked, but I appreciate it.

poorly constructed comment is poorly constructed

On another note. I didn't notice the disclaimer until after I read the book, and legitametely expected some kind of zombie unicorn experience until about halfway through the book (which is only about half an hour but still).


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