I'm a huge zombie fanatic and will read/watch almost anything involving the flesh-eaters.  However, lately, zombie media has been letting me down.  I watched 'Dead Snow' last night and it was really good... at first.  But, the last 15 minutes of the film sucked major suck! 

I really do enjoy cheesy movies, but I hate when there is a good movie and then it just decides to suck at the end.  Nerdfighters, please, tell some of the best zombie movies you have seen and the worst.

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Dawn of the Dead and Shawn of the Dead are both great, although there are a great number of terrible ones...
Yeah, I could watch those ones over and over again. Have you seen the original Dawn of the Dead or just the remake? They're both awesome, but you can't top the original! :D
Dead Snow was absolutely awful. Except, of course, for the first two minutes or so of this:

Read The Walking Dead. It's the greatest zombie anything ever, period. There's also a series based on it starting on Halloween, but I'm sure it won't be as good as the comics.
Haha, yeah, that was part was pretty epic!

I have read Walking Dead for about 2 years now, and it's freaking awesome. I completely agree with you, it really is the best zombie ANYTHING EVER! I'm so excited for the series and I really hope it is successful. Since you've read it, I wanted to ask you, do you remember a scene where he is in a tank at all in the city? The first season of the series is supposed to reflect the first compilation book (7 singles?) and I don't think that part happened in the books, but I'm too lazy to flip through them and see.
No, in the book he rode into town, zombies ate his horse, he ran down an alley and would have gotten killed but glen saved him. That was the point in the trailer where I started hoping the show wouldn't suck.

I've been talking with my fellow zombie fans, and there's some debate . . . Is "Quarentine" a zombie movie?

Quarentine is almost exactly the same as the Spanish flim, REC. REC is about demonic possession, however, whereas Quarentine seems to be more about zombies.

If it does fall into the zombie genre, I would highly recommend it.

I was very disappointed in the newer version of Dawn Of The Dead. There were some bits that I liked. The zombie baby and the part where their "neighbor" was turned into a zombie and smeared his blood on the sign and held it up to echo his actions in life was wonderful. And, if I remember correctly, while the surviving survivors were on a boat, they found a decapitated zombie head in a cooler, and it was still jabbering and moving.

Question, has anyone here read Marvel Zombies?
I started reading it, never finished the series. If I remember correctly, Deadpool becomes a zombie, and his decapitated head becomes "Dead Head," and show up from time to time in the series.

Zombieland was good, I thought.

I've only seen snippets of it, but Army of Darkness was pretty funny. And Evil Dead 1 was creepy. Though I don't know if those quite count either, they're very unconventional zombies, if they're zombies at all.

That's all I got for the moment.
Holy Hell!!! I have to share this with someone and I don't care who it is, so I choose you, NFs!

I just watched an... *cough* illegal *cough* copy of the Pilot to the Walking Dead series. It was FANTASTIC! There were a few changes made from the original comics, but that's usually expected. I'm so excited for it to air!

Of course, it wasn't better than the comics, but WOW!
Where did you download it? TELL ME NOW!!!
Just go to piratebay, I downloaded it last night and it only took like 30 minutes. The show is going to be so amazing, I have really high hopes for the rest of the season now.
I did, and it was awesome.


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