Hello there lovely nerds!

My friend and i have this youtube channel we are looking to expand :) we are looking for 3 awesome people to join us in our quest for awesomeness! The channel is called firebreathingsharks lol which seems really random...and is honestly....but thats not the point! lol Anyway our goal is to remind people of all the awesome in the world because we focus on the negative to much. Its mostly just silly but we think if we fill the week and focus it a bit more it could be really cool and fun! anywho here is the channel link...take a look at it and let me know if you are interested!




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That would be really cool! I would love to join. Are you looking for an audition video? Let me know! =]

I would love to join =) let me know if you need to see any videos of mine



That would be cool.
Check out my channel and see what you think


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