Post Questions Small kids ask for the big book of how nerdfighter edition!
we need the questions and for the new nerd baby!

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they have awsomes and awsome instead
The biggest question of all:
Kid: Why?
You:Just because
You: That's how it always been.
Kid: Why?
You: OMG!

French the Llama willed it to be so. 

These are questions I asked when I was younger:
How do you know which sock goes on which foot?
What are stars made of?
Why is water wet?
Why can't you fall up?

Can you count differently than 1 to 10? (actually 0-9. but hey, kids)
Q: What does awsome mean
A:It means you're a NerdFighter
Q:What does NerdFighter mean
A:It means you're awsome
Daddy How do you speak j.R.R Tolkien's elven?
A:Son J.R.R Tolkein never ment for elven to be a spoken language and infact only a written one but because of people who would eventualy become nerdfighters that written language based off Welsh and Finnish became a spoken language that the few elite nerds speak today here is some basic words to get you though a hard day at rivendell
Good (day/morning/afternoon) - Uel (re/amrun/andune) Greetings (everyone) - Vedui' (il'er)
Farewell - Namarie
You are a mighty warrior - Lle naa belegohtar
You are beautiful - Lle naa vanima
You disgust me - Amin feuya ten' lle
Are you ready? - Lle desiel?
Run (for it) - Rima (ten'ta)!

how do soapbubbles work?

How do you draw a proper star?

Why are there colors?
How long does it take to dig to china? 

Where do bee's go in winter?

How much does the sky weigh?

What is time?

Why is the word why spelt W-H-Y and not just Y?

Where does the moon go in the day?

Why is the moon sometimes out at night?


I cant think of any others at the moment :P 

why is the moon sometimes out in DAY..sorry that was a fail....


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