So, I was thinking that one of the purposes of this group could be to create a sort of essay (though not in that boring school format) giving all the hundreds of legitimate reasons why we loathe the books. 

If you'd like, just type up a paragraph or two of your reasons (as long as they aren't taken already), and state the title before it. Then we could just stick them together into a hee-uge explanation. Sadly enough, the books' audience has spread to even young kids in elementary school, so it would be amazing if the language appealed to adults. 

This would be great to put on a website, spread around, post on bulletins, etc. 

What do you all think? Is this stupid? 

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This will be a cool idea if we can get it enough coverage - I've posted about it on my deviant art and LJ blogs, so that might get it some.

I have a friend and nerdfighter-in-training who has a vehement hatred of Twilight, so I'm sure she'll be happy to write for it :)
Hah, I'd love to, but Sadly most of my arguements were ganked from another absolutely faaabulous and comprehensive list over on Yonder 'Twlight sucks' forum.

I may be able to add some of my own opinions to it, though.
@ Kat:

I think it would be fine as long as you don't copy and paste whole sentences from the forum. Add your own personal wonderings and "rawr"ness to it, and that basically makes it your own. :)
I think as more people are actice on here they will volunteer, too. ;) That would be great...after we get it done. :D

YES! Please recruit her, then?
Even if you don't think you can write for it, just list some of your reasons to be expanded on and explained by other members. If nothing else, just short suggestions can serve as a springboard.

I can see that most cringe at the idea of an "essay," persay. It would just basically be a compilation of all the arguments against twilight, and, since the arguments have grown very numerous and all of them would overburden a single individual, writers could be assigned to specific topics to write about (voluntarily, of course), and they would be shared on here and proofread (grammar is required for effectiveness, methinks) then compiled.

In short, looking back on this post, I realize that much more needs to be done than just the posting of the idea and then doing nothing. I plan to start working on this in the near futurem I'm just busy as of now. Expect some logical organizing and such sometime soon. We need to do a cry for our generation.
are you still looking to do this, I think it's a really good idea and would b ehappy to contribute :) x
If anyone's interested, I wrote a blog post on this about a month ago ( I had some rage I needed to unleash.

This idea is awesome, and especially the part about appealing to adults. I don't think many parents know what Twilight IS before letting their kids read it...ugh. I'd really like to contribute.
ll give you three reasons right now,
one the book was atrophic, the writing of it was hoard, the characters were bland and flat, and it seamed like a romeo and Juliet gone wrong, but that would be an insult to Shakespeare. After reading it I wished to burn it, and almost did if a friend hadn't taken it from me.
two vampires do not sparkle, for god sake I would be happier if a vampire didint have any reaction to the sun then sparkling (vampires who have no reaction to the sun see night world) though who can say that "real" vampires in the sun bursting into flames isint cool.
and three I hold a deep resentment towards Bella who ruined my life. I know she is a fictional character and that is quite impossibly, but since the rise in popularity, everyone is making connections between her character and myself, just because my name is Isabella, and I happen to be clumsy on occasion, they started calling me Bella and one of my best friends called me Bells the other day.
the worst thing about twilight is not the books themself even though they are bad. It is the fackt that they got so popular that now publiching companies just give out anything that is remotely like twilight, including books far worse than twilight. So anyone who wants to read a book about vampiers, wherewolfs etc have this heps of really bad books to serch through in order to find something. and most times you just give up.

The end of the series.  Please.  Why did she even bother tostart the series with that ending?



I mean, seriously (SPOILER ALERT IN CASE YOU DIDN"T SEE IT THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!)  Why?  Nobody dies at all.  They assemble a huge army of "vapires" and the the Volturi come along and go, "Oh, you can't have a baby vampire kid.  They're Dangerous."  Then the cullens are all "Oh, well, it's not a baby vamprie kid.  She'll grow up and be a normal vampire, but she's not poisonous.  She wont' be a problem."  Then the Volturi don't care "Oh, ok, that's ok.  We see your other little vampire dude.  Yeah, whatevs, no problem.  Sorry we bothered y'all.  Go back to your own continents now."  then they all live happily ever after.  END IT LIKE THAT!  SAY "AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!"  Why not just scream it from a mountain side: "Enough people adore my books that I'm gonna stop caring and leave the end plotless, pointless, and put as little effort into everything as I can.  Who cares if it looses any literary merit, I want everyone too live happily ever after and nobody ever dies."


Seriously.  That ending.  I should should shut up now.  I'll save you the full lecture and yelling.  Man.  That makes me mad.  I'm also mad that I liked them before they got popular.

Twilight undermines women. Period.

In my school newspaper a few months ago a senior named Garrison Copeland wrote an amazing article entitled "Twilight a terrible excuse for a novel," in which he made a number of truly amazing points about the horrors of Twilight. If any of you are curious about reading it, here is the link:

Anyways, as far as I'm concerned, I agree with him. The twilight series is essentially a series of novels with a shallow story, mormon values underlining the superficial plot (ever notice how as soon as Stephanie Meyer found out people actually liked Jacob, she made him "force" himself on Bella? Jacob is the earthly immoral influence on Bella while Edward is the "pure, godlike creature.") that encourages women to be spineless, worthless, helpless, obsessive piles of pachycephalic worthlessness.

Any woman who enjoys these books has either overlooked the values they encourage or has completely skewed ideas of the female role in modern society. In case you didn't know, here in America we earned the right to vote in the early 1900s.


Stephanie Meyer, I give you the full right to believe what you believe. I would never wish to take that from anyone. But when your writing is making a significant impact on the literary world, please, be careful what you write. I'd hate for anyone to get the wrong idea.


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