Get thee to a library.  The Net will be down, but there will still be books, and zombies don't eat books. But looters might get there first (either looking for the collected knowledge of civilization, or looking for fire starters).


What are the titles you absolutely have to have on the bookshelf in your bunker?

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A Boy Scout Handbook.  Also, a copy of the U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook.  And a good text on edible plants (I would suggest any or all of Euell Gibbons' 9 books).

All the simon R green books for leisure.

Cook books, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, and its variants, sailing books, wood working books, building books. things like that. Not to mention history books. 

For history and for their re-read factor, the 4 Books of Lists and the People's Almanacs, a recent Guinness Book of Records, and anything from Mental Floss.

A hard-cover copy of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' for last resort self-defence.

a book titled 'how to survive ANY situation'


case closed.

Sherlock Holmes because it's awesome and a lot of dictionaries to build a barrier with.

There's a book my friend let me borrow, it's called "The Zombie Survival Guide", it tells you how to hide, how to kill zombies, and much more.

Others that would be good to have are The Last Apprentice books, just in case some witches or ghosts or anything else from the dark pops up.


Necromancy is a likely cause of a zombie apocalypse.
 The Last Apprentice books aren't about necromancy. go away.
ZSG would actually get you killed, more than likely.
I actually love ZSG, how do you figure Max Brooks's book would get someone killed in a zombie attack?
my notebook it has all my survival and engineering idea's in it it's my survival must haha


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