A friend of mine recently asked me, if you take the last video game character you played as, and give yourself their physical abilities along with whatever weapon you used last when playing as that character, but you still have your brain, what chance do you have in the zombie apocalypse?
I know this might not help you to actually survive, but it makes you think about the skills and weapons which would work best in an apocalypse situation.

I, for example, last played as a dovhakiin, who specialises in archery. As far as I can tell, bows and arrows would not be much use against a large group of undead, because they rely on bleeding and internal organ damage to kill. So unless you got a headshot (which is difficult even with modern weapons) you'd be in trouble. Not to mention, the bow I was using was made of ebony, and was quite heavy. Plus, I can't use any spells because they count as weapons on their own in skyrim. And if I did use a shout (this bit will completely alienate non-gamers) I would only be breathing frost at them, which wouldn't affect them too much aside from keeping them fresh or possibly doing damage to eyes and lungs. Assuming zombies don't require a respiratory system, they would be pretty unnerved by this and just chase me anyway.

So, I would like to ask your opinion on this. How would you fare according to this logic? Would you survive with your characters skills and equipment? Do you think this game is stupid and I should not have bothered you with it? If so, apologies.

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I was Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank and my weapon was the lightning whip (leveled up to the mac, mind you). Ratchet is quite physically fit, and also quite small. I feel I'd fare pretty well in a Zombie Apocalypse. The lightning whip could take out a large amount of Zombies at once (it would really just turn them to dust, which I think would "kill" them. Right?) Though, I have an issue. The lightning whip would require charging, as it runs on electricity. If it "died" in the middle of me defending myself and/or others I would be dead, as well as other people I may have ben defending. All in all though, I feel I'd survive.

Oh, and does Clank count? He's always with Ratchet, so I think he would. If Clank does count, then he could charge my lightning whip, and he could also fly others and I to safety. 

Clank is a character of his own. So he wouldn't count, no.

Aw, ok. Well, I'd still have a pretty boss weapon. :)

You would, though the charging thing is a very important issue. You'd be fighting A LOT of zombies, and due to this, you would need a lot of charges.

I had over 400 iron arrows at my disposal. I'm guessing it would take me 3-6 tries to get a headshot on a zombie. Depending on how far away it was. This means I could kill possibly over 100 zombies before I ran out and was required to retreat. Now, I haven't played ratchet and clank in a while, so forgive me if I'm mistaken, there was about 30 charges for the whip? If so, assuming you take out multiple zombies with each attack, you could kill roughly the same amount as me. Then we would both rely on our abilities to escape.

The dovhakiin, unlike previous elder scroll protagonists, cannot run backwards very fast. He also can only sprint for a limited time. And since he cannot climb over anything, he would have trouble escaping the zombies. Whereas ratchet is quick, light and small, and thus could escape through small holes or climb over things to escape. All in all, an ideal character for running away.

Resadent evil four is prety good in the perspective. Unfortinatly having that many guns would be extremaly hevy.

tip: don't sell guns. You are likly to get killed for your wepons which is what I would do

Well, I was just playing dead island, so I've got complete immunity to zombieism, and quite a few weapons (most of which are just knives or baseball bats with nails through, but I also have some Molotov cocktails and a deodorant-bomb.) I think I stand a fair chance, given that I can actually fight up-close without the risk of becoming a zombie.

Dont throw your knives, you need them. I like your strategy. (you don't have to reload a blade)

thank you. and i never throw knives unless im dealing with a single zombie who hasnt spotted me yet. and even then, only when i have plenty of backups.

I last played as LuLu who is a support character on League of Legends (defiantly recommend). She might not be to bad, she relies on other champions (characters) to do damage. But, she has spells which gives allies buffs making me more desirable as an allie so i wouldn't get left behind. LuLu also has a poly morph turning the zombies (and any humans gone bad) into rabbits for 3 seconds and a slow spell making me able to escape.

I think if I was LuLu I wouldn't fair to bad on a apocalypse and I quite kick-ass as me ;)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, so I'm at a slight advantage with a LMG. Though I was playing as the girl my last go round so I don't know how to feel about that.


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