Buster all the way and the Tible Twins

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Fern. no question. FERN FERN FERN!!

Brain sometimes. I just generally like all of them except for Muffy. I also really like Arthur's dad.

Yeah, Muffy can be a brat sometimes.

I like Sue-Ellen too, and I adore D.W.

"Who's Dewey?" probably my favourite quote.

Dang it, I should know the context of that one, but it eludes me. EXPLAIN!

It was the very little-shown yet most epic music vdeo episode.

The one where Buster and Arthur make a carboard television set in Arthur's basement and although D.W. is skeptical, they show her the wonders of the imagination.

The episode consists mainly of little music videos featuring the Arthur gang.

That particular D.W. quote is from the song they sing about the library.

"Having fun/ isn't hard/ when you've got a library card" repeat.

And then there's this lyric that goes, "And remember hat the dewey decimal system is your friend."

Then D.W. says the iconic, "Who's Dewey?"

It's not that weird that you don't know it. They rarely air that episode although it is by far one of the best.

Normally I'd feel like a freak for knowing all of this, but I dont because that's just the beauty of Nerdfighteria. :)

Ah, I have seen that episode... That was funny! OMG it's all coming back to me now(:
Mr. Haney
Lol, why!

It's probablycuz he's just so awkward and funny... and of course, awesome!

 Buster. Because he eats food.


I love how they animate food on Arthur.


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