I recently saw an article that stated that many people would trust a rapist before an atheist. I just don't understand it. Atheists are the last minority it is social acceptable to discriminate in most circles. I just don't understand it. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? 

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That seems to hit it right on the head. I'm Christian and while I disagree with the idea that God constructs morality, that does seem to be the prevailing notion of theists who haven't given the idea a lot of thought. 

I agree with Sheena.  I think many religious people incorrectly associate atheism with a complete lack of moral values.  Also, it doesn't help that we do generally get a bad rep from cocky, arrogant atheists like Dawkins.  Personally, I like to show people that atheists can be perfectly nice, understanding, accepting, and awesome people :)

marry me

You are so admirably you even responded to these in a serious matter astounds me.

What is strange to me is... I must have (in some forgotten day) blocked or otherwise arragned for the elimination of the messages to which she must be responding. Or maybe a Mod pulled them.  I wondered why she was being so combative... Thank you Katharine for implying there was more here than meets the eye.  Groups like this (which i am delighted to find BTW) are examples of the SubCommunities within Nerdfighteria that I hope will re-exist after the move.  So I can see at glance we have 690 members. I hope we retain that capability, 'cuz forums don't do that well, IMHO.

I totally agree with this. I'm from central Texas in one of the most religious areas OF Texas, and I know both kinds of religious folks and both kinds of atheists. The ones I get along with on both sides are the ones who respect each other.  

dude i don't understand ANYTHING you said

"you are the 1% against the 99% attacking believes thinking that will make you smart" makes no sense

"You atheist wants the church to live in a poor way, why?" what does this even MEAN

"Tell me about evil catholics... because i just know Macchiavello. Now people from the separated churchs like christians mormons or another money maker church, and now i will tell you two names of evil muslisms Hitler and Binladem." this is a sentence that makes one think means??!!

"I think that will help you get into what is my arguments." WHAT ARGUMENTS?!

"Hope you understad it" WHAT

i said nothing of the sort

Friend i think you need to take a step back and reconsider what you are saying. Originally you said that we as atheists are trying to impress our beliefs on you, yet here you are telling us we are in a sense idiots for not believing in god. I speak for myself and I think most people when I say i do not want to convert you. Your beliefs are your own. Your right to swing your fist is fine as long as you don't hit me. You can praise Jesus, or Muhammad, or Thor, or anyone you want, but do not attempt to force us to submit to your beliefs. We are people with a belief just like you trying to be accepted just like you are today. It is amazing that you think you can tell us what to believe yet think it is evil for us to tell you what we believe, even though we in no way want you to convert unless you want to.

Also I think that you have no clue what we really want. What we as atheists want is to be accepted like everyone else is. That is our first and foremost. I could care less weather everyone starts to believe in a giant floating banana that controls everything, as long as they do not discriminate against my being able to say that the giant banana is a lie. That is all I want, to be able to publicly say That I don't believe what you believe and not fear discrimination. I can't do that. Every other religion in the world can do that, we can't. This is us trying to be accepted like I said. If you are just going to hate us and discriminate against us please feel free to leave. You will not be missed. 

You need to understand that there are a lot of idiots on the internet who say a lot of idiotic things. We are not any smarter or dumber than you because of our beliefs. We are simply people with different beliefs. You are also not address the main point I was trying to make. If I were to say publicly that I am an atheist in most american towns I would be thrown out. If I were to put on a job resume that I am and atheist I am 50% less likely to get the job than a christian with the same resume. You are simply being ignorant to the problem because you have seen a few atheists who are being holy than though judgementalists. However, I have a little something to break to you, you are being a holy than though judgementalist. You are judging with out knowing. You are discriminating. You are part of the problem. I do not care about the religion of anyone. I don't judge people before knowing them. If people are douche bags then people are douche bags, just because I meet one christian who is a douche bag doesn't mean I think all christians are douche bags, it means that one guy is a douche bag. You really need to understand that what you are doing is discriminatory and needs to stop. You cannot claim that one group is evil, it is a person who is evil not the idea. You are on the same level as the KKK and other discriminatory groups. like i said before, you are more than welcome to leave because you clearly have no facts and plan to do nothing but be discriminatory. 

I believe this whole thing has come down to the point that I brought up earlier; that some atheists give the rest of us a bad name.  Is it so hard to see someone as a person instead of a religion?  Can we not form our opinions of others based on how we treat each other and not what we believe and what our forebears have done?  Octavio, you're forgetting to be awesome.  I promise, we're not all evil fascists.

You're not making yourself any friends...


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