I recently saw an article that stated that many people would trust a rapist before an atheist. I just don't understand it. Atheists are the last minority it is social acceptable to discriminate in most circles. I just don't understand it. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? 

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thank you for making a declarative statement. I can make some too. 

I am an atheist now. 

I am not a fascist.

I do not hate a large group because of the actions of the few.

I enjoy eating cows, they taste good. 

I am not an athiest but I trust them more than a rapist.

Judging by the conversation that's gone on through this thread, let me make one thing clear.

Attacking one person, be them Atheist or Catholic - Insert philosophical belief here - will not be tolerated on this site.

If anyone feels offended by anything that's happened in here, please send me a message with a summary of the incident. 

Depending on whether or not it's against out ToS, it'll be dealt with swiftly.

Thanks, Tom. I infer someone wrote you, and you acted appropriately and now there is a puzzling hole in this conversations.... where a different variety of hole was prior.  Thanks, Tom.

Though I understand what you are trying to do and respect the mission I think (especially in a forum like this) people are going to get their toes stepped on. Though I agree that somethings said in this forum were insulting,I feel that it is best to let things be said and deal with them once they are out in the air and censorship of ideas (even those we find insulting and ugly) will not further any real discussion. I do however understand why you made the choice you made and respect your right to make that choice, but I also feel that especially with the question posed in this forum a negative response was inevitable. 

I also feel that especially with the question posed in this forum a negative response was inevitable.

That's true.  I take it from reading the forum that you were probably responding to a news article that applies to your part of the world, and that news article may have been inflammatory to begin with.

I know some religious people have some misguided ideas about atheism (and frankly anything that isn't entrenched in their particular world view) but like others have said, there's more to belief than douchebaggery, and you already know that you can't tar everyone with the same brush.

Maybe I'm lucky, given my country has about 20% atheists, but even though I have been snootily treated sometimes, and yes, there is a religious current here that is trying to assume some mantle of control that isn't welcome, I can assure you that 90% of the 80% who are religious are either so by name only, or they are so half-baked about it, they won't bother causing anyone any harm, even when there is a misguided idea to be shared.  Like always, most people are awesome, and don't actually hate anyone. Don't let the [vocal] minority of extremists let you feel hated, or lead you down the road of hate yourself.

Most hate atheists because A-there religious and not willing to except other views the contradict there own. And B- they are alienated and or intimidated be the vigorous vigilance of some atheists to almost the point of sounding like the one to come out right to my face and say "Have you let Jesus save your soul from hell today?"


I have a dream that one day I can sit at a table and openly admit I don't belive god without having to worry about what people will say about me.

I feel you.

Alright, let me do my best to unpack why anyone would "trust a rapist before an atheist."


At it's core, most religions believe that a large chunk of what it means to be human is to a. worship or revere a higher power (and I'm talking in the religious sense here) and b. be a sexual being. An atheist denies the validity of the first statement while a rapist merely misconstrues the latter. So, for someone ingrained in this belief that deity-adoration is an essential human characteristic (regardless of whether this belief is true or not because of course everyone lives like their beliefs are true or else they do not really believe them) therefore an atheist is less human. 3

This is easily countered by pointing out that the ability to recognize the value of another person (and respect their rights) is also a large basis for what most people believe it is to be human, as JG would say it, Seeing the other person complexly. If this belief is adopted by theists than obviously the person who treats others humanely is more human regardless of what their underlying belief is.


I'm a Christian, my best male friend is an atheist, both of us have been hurt by people that don't see things our way and both of us look past our beliefs and can see the mutual respect that the other is due. So, yeah... I don't hate atheists, I know some theists who do (I would argue most religions don't really support the hatred of other people based on beliefs so those theists that do are bad theists). On the flip side, I know lots of atheists that don't hate theists, but I also know some that do. So there you have it.

Peace, love, and joy to you all, and may we all find truth, whatever it may be.

We are one of the few belief-systems that has no inherent code of morality. People don't think that we have no morals, but they don't trust us because we are a group that can all have different morals.

I'm going to respond to your little astonishing bit of info by quoting what I think my charter, Rose,would say after reading the aforementioned article(FYI Rose was raped earlier in the book and through a tragic series of events realized that there probably is no God). "What! That is one of the dumbest things I have ever read! People would rather trust someone who forces innocent people to have sex with them sometimes even killing their victims when they're done with their sick twisted acts! Heck my raspiest held a knife to my throat! You're telling me more people would trust someone who would threaten 15 year old girls to have sex with them with knifes then people who have never done anything wrong just because they don't believe in God?"


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