Wow, it's good to be back after my long hiatus, sorry to anyone who actually cares that I was gone!

It's been some time, but I'm finally done with sc

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I've got no idea on what we could do but whatever it ends up being count me in!

Sweet! Now we've got momentum! ;P

LOL, sounds like a plan :P

I've been thinking, we may need to push it to January, to allow more people, more time, to see this thread as well as to allow them to plan ahead for the gathering.

Ps: also, I'll indisposed for the rest of December, because I'm having a little sister on Wednesday and will probably have to help out with her, so I'd most likely not be able to make it anyway.

Any hoozens, DFTBA, hope to see more people soon!

Is this the open kind of shindig? Any excuse to hang out in the city... :D

yep, pretty much! :D Just to get to know new people, and more importantly, NERDFIGHTERS!!! Casual, fun, just an awesome time!!!

PPS: My little sister was born today! YAY! She's very cute :P DFTBA!!!

Is this still being planned? 

Yes, it is! Any thoughts?

I'm not sure, but I think it would be good to work out the date soon. What did you guys do last time?

Last time, we met for burgers! :D

I'm new to here and haven't really participated much, but if it's cool I would love to come as long as I'm not working on the day. One of my friends is a nerdfighter and would probably come as well.


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