HOW ABOUT ANOTHER MELBOURNE GATHERING? For the tragic fools who missed the last one?

Hey, so I would LOVE for there to be a Melbourne gathering!

Basically...I didn't know there was a Melbourne gathering so I missed it and I really wish that I hadn't because it would've been loads of fun. 

Anyway, if there's anyway one else who wants to get together and or dance or pretend to be much cooler than we really are then brilliant! Because that's what I'd like to do! 

So, you can contact me here ^^^

or here;

or here:

Great! Hope to hear from you!

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There is currently one being planned for the 25th of January. Here's a link to make it easier to find:


Brilliant, thanks!

Also, I'm trying to get everyone from the link you posted in the last vid to come to the one on the 25th, too!

Great, anyone who posts here, I'll just send over there

There's one being planning for the 25th over here:
Go there.  I'm sure it'll be great.


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