ok so my name is abby i live in the us (michigan) and iam going to study abroad next year in Australia and iam realy excited but iam also kinda nervous because i don't know how different our cultures so if any body could help me out umm let me know on here or my e-mail is

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Well what do you want to know? Our culture is rather similar to that of the US, so there shouldn't be any great big culture shock or anything. Biggest thing I can think of, is what you guys call "flip flops" (which is a terrible term) we call "thongs".
Yeah, that's the main thing I think, just the slang. There's a lot of American terms that mean different things down here that you might not want to be caught saying in the wrong context xP
Thongs thats funny because we call some types of underwear thongs not shoes but that is one thing that iam kinda nevouse about the whole slang differance but from who i have met most aussie r very nice and will be understanding (=
thanx for all the help every one
where abouts in Australia are you planning on going?
Iam not sure yet. I'll be living with a host family and the family hasn't been determined yet
What uni are you coming to? Or at least what city? Knowing that we can tell you about the city and what to expect.
Iam not sure yet. I'll be living with a host family and the family hasn't been determined yet
I just looked at Ann Arbor; which I believe is where you are from (or so your profile page says) and you can expect it to be about 5 to 10 degrees Celsius hotter minimum than what your used to (regardless of where you are in Aus), that's if you account for the season swap. That's not saying it's always going to be hotter/warm but be prepared for some heat, especially if you're here over summer.
i know i few americans that have come here and they all say of everywhere they've been australia is the most like america, but yeah the slang will probably get you :P
I agree, it's probably just going to be the slang that confuses you. And we don't deep fry all our food XD... other than that, it shouldnt be too different, so don't be nervous! I think aussies are generally pretty friendly
hey we don't deep fry all our food either..... that only the south! lol
Hi Abby, Are you looking at Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia? Because the capital cities are all quite different. Not quite LA/New York different, but different. Believe me, I've just come back to Melbourne from Perth. Chalk and cheese. No doubt there will be bidding about which is the best city or state to be in and that probably depends on what you like. But for food, interesting people, multiculturalism, sport, culture and general coolness, well, I'd be putting money on Melbourne.
Having never been to the US I wouldn't make too many lavish comparisons, but our cinemas and television are choked with American product (I believe that's what they call it, product) and the global chains are here, of course. And of course, we have John Green from time to time. His new book with David Levithan comes out here in April next year. Anyway, appreciate us for our difference, not our same!


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