The Melbourne Nerdfighter Gathering is happening on Sunday 3rd of October. We are meeting out the front of the state library at 12 near the statue, look for the crowd of nerdy tshirts :P. We are planning on maybe grabbing some lunch and then wandering around the city, hope to see you all there. At the moment we are trying to let all the melbourne nerdfighters know this is happening. Also are there any melbourne youtubers? Might be worth contacting them on the off chance they want to come along.

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Someone could maybe email John or Hank and tell them.. They could have a shout out in a vid?
I could do it now actually now that I think about it. :)

Even a shout out on twitter would be good, so are we decided on 2nd of october? And where do you guys want to go, I suggest Minatour also the State Library sounds good.
I'm cool with 2nd of October
OK just to be fussy.. Could it be the Sunday the 3rd? :)
Cool we can make it the 3rd the biggest thing at the moment is getting other nerdfighters involved, I left all those comments but a lot of the accounts looked inactive.
For shout outs and things we need exact information. Like times and exact places.
So where exactly should everyone meet? And what time?
How about everyone meets at the steps of the state library, on sunday 3rd of October at 12? We can then go get something to eat and then maybe wander around the city or just stay at the state library.
Sounds good =D
Sounds pretty awesome :)
Hey! I'm interested; my friend Liv and I will probably come, as long as it stays in the afternoon and no earlier. :P
One last thing how are we all going to find eachother? If we meet outside the state library do we all want to tie bandannas around out wrists or just meet by a certain pillar or do something else?
Well, we have profile pics and I'll be wearing a shirt with a TARDIS on it and if anyone posts on this thread it'll send an update to my phone, so we'll probably be able to find each other, but how about we meet at that statue thing.


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