I propose that we get together once a month and get to know one another, help Melbournian Nerdfighters grow as a community! Therefore on the last weekend of every month we shall be meeting, in secret, in the room of requirements to practice for our Defence against the dark arts OWLs and NEWTs... I mean, we'll meet up with other AWESOME people and be AWESOME, together!


Our Gatherings so for have been smashing successes and so personally I think this will be awesome! So grab your Fezs, wands and lightsabers and lets get this happening!!!


Make us strong, make us proud and make us a proper community!


May your pens stay sharp and your minds sharper! DFTBA!


Date: 29/07/2012

Time: 12pm

Place: Federation Square

THEME~!!!: Down the rabbit hole!


Links and stuff:


Our 1st monthly gathering! (Thanks Chloe!)


Our official Facebook group! (Thanks Stephanie!)


Our Official Youtube Channel!


Email: - (to message everyone in the group)

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My sister and I are Melbourne Nerdfighters! Can't believe i'm the only one to reply to this. There must be other Melbourne nerdfighters!

I know right!anyways nice to meet you and I hope that the Idea will spread!

We do exist... I do hope that there are more than three or four of us though ^_^;
yeah... I was kinda hoping for a bigger reaction by now... OH WELL fingers crossed that there actually ARE more than 3 or four of us!

Hiya Melbournian (well outer suburbs anyway) Nerdfighter here :)


It is a great idea to get a gathering happening! Especially if we could get a few interested!

I live in the outer suburbs as well! Kinda way out, like Cranbourne :P
that's kool, i live in South Oakleigh it's one train to the city, for us both... ok, well I'm done waiting. even though we are scarce I think It'd be good to start the meetings, maybe after a few I'll take off. I was thinking on sunday the 22nd? any thoughts?
Actually, that could work! Depends on the time...i finish basketball training at 3 that's all. What do you have in mind?
I don't really know... i was thinking: meet up at fed square and just hanging, maybe figure out what to do for the next one? Set, like, a routine for the others; and we can meet when ever is comfortable. let me know, this is gonna be fun, and hopefully we can make it a recursing thing growing exponentially with Melbnerdians.

okay cool. Hopefully more people than us are able to come! What time were you thinking? Because i want my sister to come too, but she doesn't get off of work until 5 :/ 

I'll look up to see if anything specific is happening in the city on that day :)

sounds good we can meet round 6 but you know "Nothing's set in stone... until it is." so if that doesn't work for you we can always figure out another time!
thanks, will confer with my sister about it. Is there anyway of getting to know you a little better? I noticed on your profile it said you will never join facebook, which is a shame, since that would have helped :) Any other social sites you're part of?


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