I propose that we get together once a month and get to know one another, help Melbournian Nerdfighters grow as a community! Therefore on the last weekend of every month we shall be meeting, in secret, in the room of requirements to practice for our Defence against the dark arts OWLs and NEWTs... I mean, we'll meet up with other AWESOME people and be AWESOME, together!


Our Gatherings so for have been smashing successes and so personally I think this will be awesome! So grab your Fezs, wands and lightsabers and lets get this happening!!!


Make us strong, make us proud and make us a proper community!


May your pens stay sharp and your minds sharper! DFTBA!


Date: 29/07/2012

Time: 12pm

Place: Federation Square

THEME~!!!: Down the rabbit hole!


Links and stuff:


Our 1st monthly gathering! (Thanks Chloe!)


Our official Facebook group! (Thanks Stephanie!)


Our Official Youtube Channel!


Email: - (to message everyone in the group)

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Yeah, definitely. 
 When there's a group it's be great if you could post the link here or in the Aussie Nerdfighters page on Facspace :)

alrighty i'll make one and link it soon :D

okay, so Wont then :) YATTA! NERUDOFAITASU!!! (if you don't get it straight away, try reading it out loud ;P )

woo! made it! everyone quick, go join~

Saturday the 31st sound good to everyone, or do Y'all wanna meet on April fools or the weekend before????

I can't come on the 31st. I'm on school camp. Can we do it the weekend before?

Okay this month's Gathering is on the 25th!!! :D


See the post above for more details.


Meeting at Fed square, 12pm on the 25th

OKAY!!! Next gathering should be on SATURDAY the 28th of APRIL!!!! So keep you eCalenders free! >.< \m/

Is anyone still going to go?

Yep!!! Of Course!!! :D


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