Basically just wondering if there are any nerdfighters in the Sydney area. Yeah, awesome. :)

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Sounds great! I'll most probably be there earlier, cos I'm like that & I'll be wearing my ALL CAPS shirt, so you'll know it's me :) Any idea how long this'll go for?
*high-fives Nadia for being the only other Nerdfighter who turned up*
noooo! i missed the gathering!
i only just found the group today
when i read 27th of september i was like...wait..that better not be today, *checks date* damnnnnnnn
how'd it go?
im there for the next one :)
..i'm pretty sure i exist >.> i don't know anymore!
Yes, I'm here as well. When are the sydney nerdfighters going to do something because the Melbourne nerdfighters are really showing us up

DUH we exist :D

There was a gathering today, I should've posted the link here earlier, but I didn't think people still used the Ning. Australian Nerdfighters I think they're thinking of having gatherings here every month or so, so don't worry if you missed today's, there'll probably be another one soon :)

I exist! :P

Hello fellow nerdfighters, how fare you in this overpriced city with little public transport?  Nah that's real negative the mountains and beaches are pretty cool and the nerds are even better.

I exsist. I missed the last gatherings! Can we have another meet up? Soon?

Hi, I'm in Sydney (ofc) Are there any gatherings planned soon? :)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!
I am here! Yes, when is the next meetup? I'm in!


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