Personally in the movie, the effects were decent but still a horrible movie.




1. Sokka was pronounces Sewka and Ang Aong

2. Appa looked akward

3. firebenders could not make fire

4. Sokka did not have a uncontrolable desire for meat

5. Sokka was not sarcastic or skeptic.

6. Katara had no hair loopys!!!!



do you agree???

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I was not fully pleased with this film, but didn't hate it either.

Pretend for a moment you never saw an episode of the series, then consider your concerns.
1 - pronunciations would be moot (althugh I did find it grating at first)
2 - Appa was actually not so awkward looking compared to other fantastic flying creatures in recent films. The closest comparison is probably Falkor the luckdragon in Neverending Story, and he was a little odd looking in some moments, but overall, just cute as can be. I feel the same way about Appa.
3 - in a world where all other benders require their element to be around them to bend, it actually makes sense for the fire benders to be bound by the same physics. The film also suggests that "the best benders" can create fire from within, as if it requires a high level of mastery. Iro displays this ability, and the Fire Lord refers to it.
4 and 5 were directoral choices that affect the tone of the film, but not the nature of the characters. Sokka was still a warrior with more responsibility than he felt comfortable handling, and Katara was still the highly faithful brave young lady.
6 without a reference, no reason to miss the loopys.

Reasons the movie disappointed me (without referencing the series)
1. Very little character development. They met, they talked, they went to save the world. Pretty fast, without a lot of self-doubt or maturing.

2. Too much narration from the characters (attempting to shove 20+ hours of storytelling into 2 ain't easy, I guess).

Now, compared to the series, the movie pales, but the effects were good, the action sequences engaging, and it included some of the greater themes of the original story - internal conflict, destiny, the power of faith, the need for friendship and love. Did it balance the light and dark tones? No. Will I go see 2 and 3? Probably, even if they keep M. Night as the director.

BTW, there is another thread on this subject in this group you might want to read. Lots of people have weighed in.
i mean i didnt hate it, it was entertaining and such...i bet if we did not watch the series the movie would be awesome
It would have been good if you had never seen an episode. And what was with no Suki she was cast and in promotional pictures but wasn't in it.
I assume Suki was left out to keep Sokka's focus on the princess. Meeting both in the same film would have necessitated eliminating one of the romances. My hope is they introduce her later and give the romance an opportunity to build.

It wasn't really the little details that got me ("OMG their hairstyles were so not like that in the show!"). It was the big important stuff like the writing, directing, and acting (which is what usually makes a movie worth watching) that completely flopped. The dialogue was terrible and most of the acting seemed completely forced and unnatural.

That and the fact that no one in production seemed to have watched a single episode of the series. The actors didn't know how to relate to each other or even how to pronounce the names of their characters. I understand why the plot had to be so condensed, but it missed a lot of major themes from the series. It was like whoever wrote the script just read a summary of the show's plot and went from there.

I went to watch it with people who had never seen the show and even they agreed that, other than the stunts and effects, it pretty much sucked. The story wasn't well told and didn't make much sense unless you already knew what was supposed to be going on from having watched the show.

The only thing I really liked at all were the costumes and sets, which were great. But I wish they had spent a less time trying to make the movie look good and a little more trying to make it actually worth the money and time I wasted watching it.

In conclusion: I really hope the movie did badly enough money-wise that they've decided not to continue with a Book 2 movie.

Honestly, I don't think it was that bad.

Sure, I missed the loppys and the meat and the sarcasm just as much as any other fan, but if you haven't seen the show it wasn't so bad.

At first, the names, the appearances, the Indians(nothing wrong with Indians but, c'mon, M. Night Shamamalame, since when was Zuko an Indian guy?), and all of the technical stuff really bothered me, but I got over it. In the end, what really pissed me off was the poor story quality and the acting. The characters seemed forced and unnatural, the story was rushed and unnatural... It just didn't work.

Will I watch the movie again? Probably not. Will I see books 2 and 3? Yes.


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