So I'm helping my school band make t-shirts for next year's pep band and I need something witty to put on the back, or possibly cliche
we wear these shirts to football games to create spirit woooooo!
any ideas?
thanks very much

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Well, there's "The music never dies" or maybe just write the name of the band in instruments (if that makes sense..) like clarinets/drumsticks/flutes could make i's or m's or n's or something liek that!
We had some T-Shirts a couple of years ago that were really simple, but I really liked them. On the front they said "Don't Worry..." and on the back they said "I'm With The Band" and then in smaller font under that it said "NVHS Pep Band"
Our band is kinda small so we had shirts for each section. the saxophone section (yeah!) had shirts that said 'bringing saxy back" with a picture of two saxophones in our school colors. It's a cool thing to do with a small band, but I don't know how it would work with a large one.
I've seen some shirts that say "what part of" then a sheet of hard looking music and under it "don't you understand"
The there are others that have a huge spider web filled with musical symbols with the word 'me' written somewhere small. Above it they say either "lost in the music" or "caught in the music".
'encouraging the football team to NOT blow like we do :)
we played the song 'riot' in our pep band so on the back of our shirts it said 'lets start a riot'.
this would really only work if you were playing that song tho...
with out music (or us) life would Bb (i couldn't find the flat sign)


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