Hey boys and girls!!! I thought that this discussion would be up here, but I guess it's not.. Just so everyone can keep track of what everyone plays, how about we put it here in the discussion? Easy as baking a pie (and that is easy, trust me ;) ), just say "Hi! My name is___. I am in a ____ kind of band and I play(or do if you're Melissa)_____," or you could of course be creative and not use my lame mad libs.. I suppose I'll start this off. I can't wait to see what everyone else does! Would be fun to make a band out of all of us too. DFTBA!

Hi, I'm Jenny and my band's the kind of band a small private school would have. We are the marching band, the pep band, and the concert band. It's a lot of fun, but the time is always taken up by it. My band director knows I don't mind it though. I play bass drum, clarinet, and bass clarinet for my band. :D Oh, and yes... bass clarinets do seem to be a dying breed as my friend Eric would put it. lol.

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Hey, I'm Kaitlyn and I'm in concert band, jazz band, and pit band. The concert band as well as the others are failing miserably because people keep quiting. This year we had less than 50 people and next year we'll have at least 15 less.

I play Tenor Sax in band, piano, and guitar. I played the flute for three years and the sax for four. I also sing in concert choir. :) I love music.

We don't have a bass clarinetist. She quite last year. So did my friend Eric... lol.
I'm Shawn I'm in a high school band That's pretty big. We do both Marching and concert throughout the year...

I play... Tuba/ Susaphone...
I'm Marjorie (clearly haha) and I'm in concert band, marching band, and jazz band.
I play contra alto clarinet in concert band (except the one semester when I played bassoon).
I play clarinet or bari sax for marching band (basically whichever section needs more help, the woodwinds or the low brass).
I play tenor or bari sax for jazz band... depending on what's needed at the time. But, for jazz, I prefer tenor.

Everybody in our band seems to be quitting too... not to mention we don't have an auxiliary instructor at the moment because our director was the reason our previous (and best!) one got fired...
I think we have MAYBE 50 people in our band.
Hi! I'm not in band any more but I was in band in high school and so I thought I'd join.

I was in concert band and I played flute for 8 years & bass clarinet for 3
I was in marching band and I played flute for one year and bass drum for 4 years
I was in pep band and flirted between flute and bass drum for 4 years

There were like 80-90 people in my band and we were totally made of awesome. :)

And also, I'm working on music for a Wrock band. :) If that counts.
haha, I tried playing bass drum, but I couldn't hold the stupid thing for five minutes!!! Back to cymbals for me XP
hi! I'm Taylor. I'm a trumpet so yes I'm made of awesome. I'm joining a high school marching band that is(i don't know what scale you people use) pretty large. this year we will have around 280-300 or so members. If you live in the southeastern part of the U.S you might know my high school's marching band. we hold the heart of dixie competition, if anyone knows of that.
Trumpet ftw!

yes! *high fives*

I'm Lenna, I'm in symphonic band, and I play clarinet.
Heyy, I'm Alexandra. I go to LHS and we have a marching band, jazz band, and chorus. I am in all of these. I play the saxophone, guitar, piano, oboe, ukulele, and madolin. We have a semi small band, and I'm the only one who attended a band camp outside of school. I'm the schools biggest band geek, and proud of it!
Hey there. I'm Elly (aka Danielle) and I'm in concert and jazz bands. I play primarily alto sax (since seventh grade) though I do play tenor sax when needed (since ninth grade). I know a bit of piano and I can keep a tune singing when I want too. I'm starting my fourth year of band in September (seventh grade is the earliest we can start here). I just bought an alto sax and it's going to be here in a few weeks. It's got purple lacquer on it, which is pretty awesome. So that's exciting. Most of my friends from my junior high school are in band, and they're all continuing. Band kids are the coolest kids ever in my opinion, and I'm hoping I won't be proven wrong in high school.
Hi, my name is Kierstin! I am in the marching band, concert band, pep band, hopefully pit band this year, and jazz band if my instrument was allowed..... I am from Iowa, and we have about 90 people in our band including color guard and we are class 3A.

I play the clarinet. I have thought about playing the saprano sax if it got me in jazz band, but it doesn't. :(
I don't really plan on picking up another instrument though, I would feel like I was betraying my clarinet. It doesn't have a name yet either, I feel its too special for one. :P


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