Hey everybody, I'm new here to nerdfighters.

I thought that since we're all band nerds, why don't we find out exactly what kind of band nerds we are?


I'll kick things off.

I used to play flute in band, then I moved to the percussion section. I also play handbells, piano, and guitar outside of band.


What about my fellow nerds?

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Guitar, alto sax, french horn, euphonium, tuba, baritone and trombone. I'm a hardcore band nerd =]
I'm an alto sax in band :) I also play piano, guitar, and ukulele <3
i play horn, & violin
I play the flute but I REALLY want to learn the tuba
French horn! in band. piano out side of band.
Trumpet all the way!!!! 7 years and counting... :)

I play the flute and I love it =D

Tenor trombone, piano, and learning euphonium. <3

I started off as a trumpet, but they (the section) were pretty mean to me. And thus, I became a Euphonium! :) Our school has well over 300 kids in the marching band but only about 6 baritones or euphoniums. Its still a really supportive group and it reminds me why I love my high school :)

Started on Trombone,

failed at Guitar,

currently doing Accordion.

I started piano when I was 4, so that is my favorite. However, my band teacher hates when I play piano, so I play percussion in band now. I used to play alto sax though. I also know how to play guitar, and a little bit of every other instrument we own in the house (trumpet, trombone, flute, recorder, drums, and a fife)!

I play trumpet and am a student conductor for my college's pep band.


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