My favourite is Leonard, he is very similar to me only male. We are both short sighted, both use inhalers and are skilled in maths and science. Although not many of my friends are nerds :(

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My favourite is Amy, I don't think I'm like her, I'm probably most like Leonard as well!
But I love the was amy is so socially awkward but, unlike sheldon, is trying to change that and has started to say things like, We're going to get drunk; Because that's what I do now..

She makes me laugh so much :)

I totally agree with you, Amy is awesome. Everytime she tries so hard to work on her social skills and this in a very cute way. :)

I like amy farrah fowler as well :c)

me too, she is awesome!

oh, but so is Leonard

i honestly think most of us most relate to Leonard.  that being said, i think Sheldon is my favorite...

It's hard to pick a favorite because the characters are so diverse and the dynamic is so intertwined, but if I had to pick just one I'd have to say Leslie Winkle. I love how she is an intelligent woman and proud of it. Also, the way she makes Sheldon squirm and calls him out on his superiority complex. 


I actually do have a group of good nerd friends I met in college, and if we are saying who we are most like - a bunch of them. I have obsessive-compulsive/neurotic idiosyncrasies like Sheldon, low self-confidence from an inability to please my parents with my accomplishments like Leonard (also the attempting to overcome social awkwardness created by intelligence), and have my airhead moments like Bernadette or Penny.

I don't think Bernadette is an airhead so much as she's "cute" and waaay too nice.  Penny is a bit of an airhead...a total stereotype....but she plays it up a bit and sometimes shows them's almost like she's got different priorities and could be smarter than she is, but she's around the biggest bunch of eggheads...

Sheldon, He is completely different and I just find his difference and humour hilarious.
it's fantastic that you said this, i've heard that the original pilot scrip/proposal featured a much more cynical version of here character.

Love them all..Sheldon, Leonard, and Amy Farrah Fowler :c)

Although I love them all, Sheldon is definitely my favorite. His social awkwardness is awesome and so cute. Although, Amy is really growing on me.

I totally agree. I adore the way he'll accidentally insult someone (usually Penny) with some comment he makes, when in his mind he's just stating a fact. I like Amy too, mainly because she's the female equivalent of Sheldon.


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