Right, my friend dee suggested on Your Pants about a gathering. I have said that I would approach the question on the Ning, and that is what I am doing. We both live in the South-East of England, and think that Brighton would be the best place to do it; something to do with Brighton being the most awesome place ever. It would most likely take place in the summer, just for the simple fact that it is warm. 

If there is any chance that you could, possibly, attend, then please tell us, because we would love to do this.


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I'd deffinatly come to that! I live in Brighton so nice n easy for me :P

Definately up for that! That would be awesome!

I would to love go, I live in Crowborough, one straight bus route. I have no irl nerd fighter friends would be so fun! :D

I know at least 4 other people who would be up for that I must say 

New nerdfighter here!


A brighton gathering would be great - count me in!


I'd love to meet up got a few Nerdfighter friends how would love too come along as welll :) I'm in Eastbourne(yer i know) so no problem getting to Brighton from here 

Hay anyone want to set a date in the holiday and see if we can do it at all ? or in the summer so people can spread the word and get a gathering :) What everyone think? 

We are thinking of a Tonbridge Wells gathering during this holiday, if that isn't too far, for information.

I'm not too far from there, so why not...

Would anyone want to come to a Brighton gathering on the 2nd June? Here's the Facebook page :

We might try the thirteenth of May, if everyone is fine with that...?

its fine with me, but you could always come to the one on the 2nd of june? :)


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