Date: 30th June 2012

Time: 14:00

Location: West Pier, Opposite the War Memorial statue at Regency Square

Facebook Event Page:

As the title may imply, I’m organising a gathering in Brighton. I’m going to be over there on the 30th of June and would really like to meet some other nerdfighters from over there.

However, as I’m not from the area, if anyone could suggest public places where the gathering could take place.  I’m not even from the same country so to say that I’m a little out of my depth would be an exaggeration. (I'm from Ireland, but have a few people I can contact who live in and around the Brighton area..thankfully)

Also, if you can’t make this one, I have linked a few pages below that have gatherings in roughly the same area. For me, it’s never mattered how many people come to gatherings. Sure there’s a critical mass and anything over that is obviously really good, but what should matter is meeting new people, making friends and just having fun..NOT a popularity contest.

I also don’t yet have a confirmed time, but will post it here when I have it. For the moment, expect some time between 12 and 2.

The UK has always given me the impression of having a very strong nerdfighter just seem quite scatted across different areas, so chances are you’re going to see this post a few times. Having said that, I’m looking forward to hopefully experiencing the awesome of another nerdfighter community, no matter how few of you manage to attend. There’s an event page on Facebook in the UK Nerdfighters group if anyone is interested in that for more frequent updates.

Hope to see some of you there, although depending on flights and trains I may be a little late. I’ll let you know if that’s going to happen though.

And yes, I will monitor every single response on each of these groups. I just may take a few days to respond sometimes.


Other Brighton Gathering:

Facebook Group:

London Gathering:

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Updated location to West Pier, opposite the war Memorial at Regency Square.In case anyone is interested.


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