I was thinking starting at 1:00 pm eastern standard time. That would be 6:00 pm for the UK, 7:00 pm, for most of the rest of Europe, noon for anyone in the Eastern Middle of the USA, 11:00am Mid-west, and 10:00 for the western USA. If that needs to be changed to 2pm, it can be. 

This time around, we need to make everything even. You need to Sign-Up before Saturday. No last minute joins. The teams will have to be even in people and power. We can't have all the kids of the big three on one team, and have everyone else on another. We also can't have the same amount of people, but all of the Majors on one team. When you sign up, make sure to put what weapons you will be using, and what position you would like to play. Ryan or I will tell you if your weapon is too over powered. If you have like the Master bolt, then you will have to change it. A sword that turns into a pen, that is not over powered. 

We will be electing leaders of each team.

Let's not control other characters actions this time. If you swing at another character, the other character will have to say if they are hit or not. Don't abuse that. You can't dodge every attack. 

Planning time will be Friday. That is where you make your last minute additions and plan who is where and where to put your flag. This is also when to elect your leader.

Here are our Roleplaying rules:

  • To mark actions use asterisks to mark the beginning and end. Ex: *He runs down the hill*
  • Powers cannot be outrageous, like sending a blast of water 100 feet in the air, and a charmspeaker cannot tell people to kill themselves, etc.
  • No godmodding! If you don't know what that is, it is when your character is very powerful. Here are examples:
  1. Player A: * Player A sees the other teams flag from 500 yards away* You can't see that far through the trees and stuff. Also if you are at a high point and are looking down, your sight should not be as good as a hawk's.
Player A:*Team A make a line of Archers that shoot tons of Arrows at player B* You can't have 10 people attack 1 person

  3. Player B:*Player B easily sidesteps them* Not allowed, no one is invincible!

  4. Player A:*Player A stabs at player B with a sword, which stabs player B in the chest* NO! You can't control someone else's actions. This doesn't matter if they are on your team or the other team.
  • If you are talking out of character, put your writing after "OOC:"This means out of Character
  • Charmspeaking shall be done in 
  • If you are shouting, use bold
  • 2 weapons at most per character

Here is a map-

  • Ignore the blue and red.
  • The X's are where you can't go
  • Say the square you are in, and the in planning, say the square you hid your flag.

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Liam Aidan

Child of Aphrodite

Offense please

Weapons- Chakram which turns into black ring, and a sword which turns into a watch.

Powers- Charmspeak, Love magic, beauty magic

Can't do it! Sorry!

Trickster Ninja

Child of Morpheus

Defense, but I'll can be anywhere needed...

Weapons- Necklace that turns into throwing knives, ring turns into bolas

Powers- can create illusions, drains fatigue which turns into energy for me and minimally less fatigue for person drained this also heals me, can use sleep to heal.

Lanie G

Daughter of Pan


Weapons: Pocket knife dagger and sword. 

Powers: Can talk to animals, and I'm more powerful in the wild.

Spencer Brint
Child of Zeus
offense or defense
Weapons- Lance from silver ring, Sword from leather bracelet. shield from metal bracelet
powers- Lightning manipulation, resistance of lightning, flight, and some kind of air or sound related powers.

Um actually, you can only have 2 weapons. You don't have any sound powers.

fair enough.and two weapons i'll take lance and shield. 
i couldnt find the what's good list.
so lightning, and flight?

The other Zeus godling/child has flight and lightning so yeah....

as far as I know there isn't a what's good list. We make it up as we go along.

Basically yeah, and minor wind powers.


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