Is anybody from Alberta?

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How long is the ed program there? Standard is two years right? That's still a long way off for me so I'm not too concerned about where I'll be going yet.

That's awesome! Though isn't it better if you get your undergrad and your masters at different schools? I'm not trying to change your mind but that's what I've heard...

Wow, seems like a competitive stream for sure. Still, it doesn't give the best opportunity for teachers to start preparing for the school year. But that really sucks for people who don't get jobs. It does seem to be a good program. Just really tough to get into.

As far as I know, the program here is two years, yeah. The only reason I would do Edmonton again is that this will be several years down the road and my bloke and I may well have a family by then so moving somewhere like Toronto might be a little much eh? 


Fun fact, CBE pays better than EPS by like 8 grand/year. :P 

That makes sense. It wouldn't be fun to uproot a family just for school and if it is a good program then there's no reason not to.

Really? I did not know that. That's pretty interesting.

I've started a discussion about moving to Calgary. Can you Calgary Nerdfighters come help me out? :D

It's being planned!!! All the discussion is happening in Your Pants and there's an FB event too!!! Just search Calgary Nerdighter Gathering. We'll be meeting on April 30th at 1:00 in TD mall to cause some mischief!

I am unbelievably excited for it!!! It's going to be fantastic
So CBE has decided to cancel the cohort program they were hiring me under. I am still put down as a "probably" for temporary contracts but I am no longer moving to Calgary for May. I estimate the depression resulting from this actually sinking in will occur at approximately 12:45pm today, right in the middle of my math lesson.
WHAT?!??!?! THAT SUCKS SO MUCH!!!!!!! Did they tell you why they're cancelling this program?
Nope, they didn't say why. All they told me was that they were "unable to offer spring contract work." I am not amused.
That sucks on so many levels. Education in this province doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast. The CBE has had some mental issues too this year
From what I heard at teacher's convention, this may actually be a good thing. Apparently they are really good at luring new teachers from out of town (especially from other provinces) into the city to teach for them on temporary contracts, but after that year expires they are like "LOL NO WORK! WANNA SUB?" and the new teachers that dropped everything and moved to Calgary are totally screwed over.
That's really kind of a mean thing for them to do... Though if you are looking at it that way I suppose it is a good thing. Though people will do whatever it takes to get what they want...


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