Is anybody from Alberta?

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There was hail yesterday, it was not pleasant
I'm from Okotoks (which is about 15 minutes outside of Calgary), but I'll be moving to Edmonton to study at U of A.
Alberta FTW! I was born and raised in Calgary. Lived here my entire life and am a new nerdfighter. I'd love to meet you guys and get to know you better. =)

Join our facebook group! Look up "Calgary Nerdfighters" and me or one of the other admin will add you!

We're trying to plan a massive game night, nothing in particular has occurred with the planning yet >.<, but we're working on it!

Cochranite here!

I've just moved to Alberta :)

Hello all my fellow  Nerdfighters!

I recently started a club at the University of Calgary called Campus Kiva: Pockets that Care. We're having a take pictures with Santa fundraiser next week from Monday-Friday  from 11:30-1:30 every day at the Last Defence Lounge at the University. All the money we raise from this event and any others we use to give a loan and then when we get the loan back we simply make another loan.

Right now we're straggling a bit with man power for the event so if any of you are in the Calgary area and would like to help out please contact me! I realize this is last minute and I apologise for that. I simply didn't think of posting on here sooner and then when I did I finally did I felt stupid that it took me so long.

If you don't have the


Thanks Everyone and DFTBA.

I'm in Calgary :)


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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