I am from New Brunswick, and currently going to school in Prince Edward Island!
Please tell me there are more East Coasters here : )

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I'm also from New Brunswick! But I'm going to school in Halifax! Whoa! Yayy!! haha
Oh I'm totally late to this but I'm from out West but I got to school in NS :)
Born in Cape Breton, attending school in Toronto. I was not expecting to see another Cape Bretoner here AT ALL.
I'm from Newfoundland, and I will be attending school in Prince Edward Island in September 2011, hopefully. I'm kind of in the middle of all this transferring stuff right now. But, it is awesome to finally know I'm not the only nerdfighter in all of the Atlantic provinces, I was getting worried about our lack of awesome.
New Brunswick FTW
I can't believe I'm only looking at this now, but YAY, MARITIMERS.
I'm from Ontario, but I'm going to school in Halifax :)
It would be kickass if we had a mini gathering with some east coast nerdfighters. I dunno when or where or what we'd do, but it would be fun :)
Halifax here! There's a few of us around town.. rocking the pizza shirt. DFTBA
Another New Brunswicker here! Still going to school here with the french.

Really late on answering this but if you're still in PEI, so am I, :P

I'm in Halifax too; have been for... almost five years now.


But I'm not here for school. Bucking the trend!


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