okay so everyone loves charlie and i do too BUT what would you say is your favorite video of his? 
my one would have to be 'the Alex and Charlie format' i love it. it made be laugh the whole time! i've seen it like 100 times. absolute favorite! 

watch it and if you already have, watch it again and again and again until your on the floor pissing yourself. : D 


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I love the Alex and Charlie Format but I think my faves would have to be the challenge charlies especially the older ones like painting himself purple and drinking an entire bottle of ketchup lol HILARIOUS I think the ketchup one is the funniest!!! GO WATCH!!!
Gha I cant choose!! *head exploeds*
I have to say his "Duet with Myself" or his too many questions video :) I love Charlie
Hummm, I loved the one of him dying his hair.... and the 'Big Bang 2' or the 'duet with myself, video =)
I love all his videos but I think my favorite would be the Alex and Charlie format or the song about acne :)

"Duet With Myself" melts my heart every time I listen to it, it's so sweet.


I love the one where he talks about cutting his hair off. The tribute song to Charlie's red hair is probably the catchiest thing I've ever heard.
I love that one! But I think my favorite would have to be either "My American accent" or "Justin Bieber Fever"   I always get Dancen' like Justin Bieber stuck in my head.
I love his video Why Women Scar Me!! It is so funny.... and true! lol :D
I have to say, my favorite video of charlie is Understanding Teenage girls. it is absolutely hilarious i can never stop laughing when i watch it. i absolutely love charlie. also there is an event on facebook that is change your profile pic to charlie mcdonnell. it is for october 1st 2011, his 21st birthday, it would mean a lot to me if you all would attend it! heres the link! click attend and invite friends! a lot of them!!
i love them all. they are what has kept me sane through college

Here Comes My Baby was fantastic, and Believe In Yourself always makes me happy, Arthur references especially!

I think one of my favourite videos was Thoughts From Home. It was so sweet, and nostalgic and picturesque, and funny and gave a great insight into him. I love it!


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