okay so everyone loves charlie and i do too BUT what would you say is your favorite video of his? 
my one would have to be 'the Alex and Charlie format' i love it. it made be laugh the whole time! i've seen it like 100 times. absolute favorite! 

watch it and if you already have, watch it again and again and again until your on the floor pissing yourself. : D 


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I love his time time travel video. Its great.

My favorite is the one where he pretends he is a robot.

One of my favorites is the one where he talks about time travel with the cookies.

I LOVE the Alex and Charlie format XD They should make more of them!!!

My favorite is "Doctor What" at least I think that's what it's called... =|

My favorite is definitely Understanding Teenage Boys. I die of laughter everytime I see it.

I like Too Many Questions

I love a lot of his videos, but there are a few that hold special places in my heart.

My American Accent, because it was the first one I ever saw.

Never From Concentrate (With Bits) because it cracks me up. I find that one to be hilarious.

Time To Reply. His eyes are fun to stare into during that one.

The big bang2 was my favourite

For some reason I love Long Hair, I think it's amazing, funny and Alex is in it! So yeah my favourite one is long hair and if you haven't seen it check it out

My favorite Charlie videos would definitely have to be the Challenge Charlie Balloon Animals video and the Cooking with Charlie Brownies. 

They contain the perfect combo of scripted and unscripted humor.

Oh, and his music video for Ben Fold's Saskia Hamilton is pure genius.

He is good but he only makes about one per month so he is not my favorite youtuber.


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