Okay where are you all from?

Not creepyish like address but for example

I live in Bartlett, about 15 minutes from Woodfield mall or 40 minutes From Chicago :)

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west rogers park! right on the edge of lincolnwood, skokie, and evanston. they're each about a mile away from me :p
Cool Beans :D

heyo! im not sure how old you are, cuz you posted this along time ago. but i live right around there.

Oh awesome! What school do you go to?

If you don't mind Sharing, I'm a freshmen at Bartlett High
Bolingbrook though i lived in naperville for a little over a decade
My family lives in Champaign, but right now I'm living in the city, west side Chicago. I gots the Sears Tower out my window and everything.
Oh tisk tisk
Don't you mean the Willis tower?

Gah that bugs me so such, it will always be the Sears tower.
whatchoo talkin' bout willis. {tower...}

It'll always be the Sears tower! :p

I wish there were a 'like' button specifically for that comment.

Thats so cool!
and I thought no one was going to know where or what it was.
Did you grow up in Champaign?
Oh i actually know of afew!

I live an hour from Champaign in Charleston, IL


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