So, there has been some interest in beginning a collaborative vlog about being a christian teen nerd. Here is where we can discuss and plan about the concept! Feel free to join in if you're at all interested!

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Hey. Can I join in on the fun?

Would the vlogs have to be necessarily Christian-based or discussing Christian ideas or could they be the kind of vlogs where we can certainly have tender moments of Christ-like love, but are also able to have fun together?


It doesn't happen often in Scripture, but once in a while we do read in there about how God can laugh.

I'm definitely imagining something that fun is a big part of! I know I personally consider having fun times one of the best parts of being a christian teen jesus freak. :) So yeah, some discussions and such but of course lots of laughs too!
Sounds good to me.

Awesome! Well there's a few of us now and I've got a bit more time so we should start some brainstorming/planning! First off: Have any of y'all vlogged before and so know what the heck you're doing?

How often do you think you can commit to making a video?

Any other input/questions you have, go for it!

I would very much be interested in this! i've been hoping to start a vlog soon anyway and this sounds absolutely wonderful :)

Also, i probably couldn't commit to more than a few times a month just because of how busy school is this year. :)

I'd love to! this sounds sooo fun!

So, lets get some action going, shall we? All of you who have expressed interest, add me as a friend and let's get talking, planning, and doing!

...Aaaaaaand, we stop.



Hmm.. yes, that didn't go too far... I'd still be interested if we'd like to try to get this ball rolling again and actually do something this time haha The only thing is, now that I'm 19 I'm worried that I almost don't classify in the 'teen' part of this category anymore...But if that's alright with y'all, I'm still definitely keen!

If we hear from at least a couple people, we should just make a channel, pick some days/topics and get started, so that we don't fail like last time :)

I'm game, though I'm 21, I still feel 18 most of the time. Let's do this!

Okay! So, step 1: Channel Name. Any ideas?

And step 2: Schedule: I feel like for me, at least right now, once a week would be pushing it, but every two weeks I could manage. My suggestion would be, for say four of us, we post a video every Tuesday and Thursday, alternating weeks. As in: Tuesday-Person 1, Thursday-Person 2, Tuesday-Person 3, and , Thursday-Person 4, then repeat :)



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