I'm interested in knowing about the churches you attend.  What was it that made you feel you had found a worshiping home?  What ministries are going on at your congregation, and what makes them exciting (for you or people you know)?  Who in your wider communities are you serving and how?  How do you carry the presence of Christ out of church and into your lives?


For me, I currently worship at the church where my wife is pastor.  I am currently discerning my next call and hope to be invited to be pastor to a congregation by the end of this month.  Ministries at my wife's church include a shelter in the undercroft for women and their children without homes (along with an occupational cooking course and a subsequent transitional housing program), a "needs and leads" ministry for those seeking jobs, and annual international home-building voyages, among many others.  The congregation to which I hope to be called is on a busy corner on a main artery into the city, so I hope to implement a veggie garden (a la Hank & John's hatred of lawns), neighborhood and inter-congregational athletics, and a community reading room.

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I'm at Hillsong Church in Australia, which is awesome. I love the worship down here, and I'm hoping to work within youth ministry next year after I'm out of school. Um, we have a lot of ministries which is awesome, such as A21 (working to stop child and sex traficing in Greece), building a school for disadvantaged children in uganda ( I think, maybe watoto, can't remember), working with disaster care such as what happened in NZ and Japan as well as Queensland, and a lot of other things, that I can't think off the top of my head right now. Oh we also run a few conferences in Australia and London each year as well, and we recently built a church in New York, so that's cool...But its awesome being in this Church, and seeing what God is doing.


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