There's different ideas about the sabbath within Christianity. The only ones I know right now are that Jehova's Witnesses say there is none, Seventh Day Adventists say it's on Saturday like in the Old Testament and everyone else says it's Sunday.


The 'no sabbath' idea is from the belief that pretty much all the rules of the Old Testament were abolished. At least accordign to the Witness at my school. They don't believe in the ten commandments either, or any of the other stuff like that.

Part of that I kinda get, but does that mean we're supposed to ignore all the laws in theOld Testament? Didn't Jesus use a lot of the laws in the OT to support why he was right and the Pharisees were wrong? I get why some laws that were specifically pointed out, like what we can eat and stuff, don't have to be followed anymore, they were delibertely pointed out. But this was never brought up in the NT.

Then the Saturday thing, that makes sense. I mean, from what I've heard the Sabbath had always been Saturday until Christianity got more popular and they decided to move it to Sunday to differentiate between Judaism and Christianity. The only problem is, in the Bible when they discuss it, it's pretty clear that the Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. But then, what about time differences? Does that mean the sabbath begins at sundown in Israel, or wherever you are? And if the second one is right time differences mean the sabbath starts at a different day, then does the day or time really matter?

A Sunday sabbath is more traditional and common, but if God's holy day is Saturday, as it was from the beginning, then why would we celebrate and worship ont he wrong day? And if day doesn't really matter, does that mean there's no sabbath at all?


And on a more personal level, what does everyone do on the sabbath? How do you "Keep the sabbath day holy"?

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For me, I don't care when one practices the Sabbath, and also, I think it may be borderline legalism if someone needs a Sabbath, as if that person needs things perfect.  I took an Old Testament/Hebrew Bible course in College and the Prof said that the Sabbath is the Jews most holy day.  But I don't think it matters when you have a Sabbath, it's just important to have one to keep track with God.

With that being said, I'm fairly laid back as far as my Sabbath goes, I usually just have my laptop on my lap and just be an introvert.  With that being said, I am happy to hear about everyone else's opinion :)

Yeah I suppose a Sabbath only matters by what you mean by it. Do you mean like a traditional Sabbath day where you go to church and take off work or like what Sabbath actually means, a day of rest.  I'm in this Christian group on my college campus called InterVarsity and I am on the student leadership team.  The staff workers "Sabbath" (almost used like a verb there) and they encourage us to take a Sabbath if we have the time but it's hard when your'e a student. Taking a Sabbath is taking any day of the week and just dedicating it to resting in God. You can do that lots of different ways because everyone's faith is a personal thing. The thing about that is it can easily be confused with just resting for yourself but there should be a strong aspect of resting in God and not just resting.

When I say it, I mean the day God specifically set aside and said "Okay people, this is the day I want you to honor me". Later Jesus acknowledges the Sabbath as a day made for people, not God, so I guess you could look at it like that too.




You are right about Sunday taking over from the Sabbath to differentiate between Judaism and Christianity.

“Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday, but shall work on that day; but the Lord’s day they shall especially honor, and, as being Christians, shall, if possible, do no work on that day. If however, they are found Judaizing, they shall be shut out from Christ.” Charles Joseph Hefele, A History of the Christian Councils, Vol.2, p.316

We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church, in the Council of Laodicea, transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.(Peter Geiermann, The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine (1957 edition), p.50

The Sabbath was instituted by God Gen 2:2-3 for Man (there was no Jews)

“The Church has always had a strong sense of its own authority… Perhaps the boldest thing, the most revolutionary change the Church ever did… the holy day, the Sabbath, was changed from Saturday to Sunday, “The Day of the Lord” (dies Domini) was chosen, not from any directions noted in Scriptures, but from the Church’s sense of its own power.”

St. Catherine Catholic Church – Sentinel – Volume 50, #22, Algonac Mich. May 21, 1995

Do you think that God really wanted to make a special point, by writing the 10 Commandments with His finger on Stone?

Why does 1 Jh 5:3 say "this is the Love of God that we keep his commands, and his commands are not grievous"

Our obedience flows from our Love for and respect of God, because we are saved, not as a way to be saved.(Eph 2:8)

In my opinion, laws such as the Ten Commandments were written to show what life was supposed to be like before the fall. There was supposed to be no sin whatsoever, and all of those laws would have been kept perfectly. They are also showing how fallen we as humans have become. They are the standard, and we fall short. Now, we as Christians know that because we fall short, we need a Savior, and that we are truly saved from our sins. But back to the Sabbath part.

I honestly believe that God's original plan for the universe was meant for our benefit and good. Why did he tell us not to kill anyone? Why did he tell us not to lie? Why did he tell us to honor our father and mother? Because these laws were all good things for us, and they would make life pleasing and beneficial to our lives with God. The Sabbath was meant as a holy day to be spent not focused on work, but on God. And I believe that it is a good thing. I mean, what's not to love about a day where you don't work. You just relax and spend time with the One who loves you. I am convinced that the whole purpose of the Sabbath was to give us a time to rest and prepare for the rest of the week. God is supposed to be our strength, so spending a whole day with him will surely be the rest that we need.

I mean, in the end, the laws God set basically were set because God knows what's best for us and we don't. I don't think it really matters what day you choose to spend your Sabbath. The only reason I do mine on Sunday is because that's when my church has services, and it just is a good day for me to do it. But I think God just wants to spend time with you, and it's not going to matter what day of the week it's on. :)

But if it was intended to be a day t rest and focus on God, how would we go about doing that?

Would there be no drinking or shopping or tv on the Sabbath? Not sayign these are bad thigns, just wondering what you think.

I think it's different for every person. The fact of the matter is, the sabbath should be a day of rest with God, and that's where you can go with it. Because Jesus died on the cross, he fulfilled the law, so we're not bound to not work or use electricity or anything like that. To me, the Sabbath is where you spend time with God. I don't think there's anything wrong with watching some tv or going shopping or something, but you should spend time with God, more than just asking for things like "Please forgive me, and please let such and such happen. Amen." I would spend some time in the Word and just hang out with God for however long you feel led to do. :)

Kelsey mentioned that "Because Jesus died on the cross, he fulfilled the law," I assume she meant done away with? Romans 3:31 (NLT) says if we emphasize faith, does this mean we can forget about the law? of course not! In fact only when we have faith do we truly fulfill the law. ( fulfill means to meet the requirements of).

I am a 7th Day Adventist. Keeping the sabbath is based on God saying "remember"

God declared the day "Holy" ( Gen 2:3). It is right to do good on the Sabbath ( Matt 12:12) Friday is the preparation day ( Luke 23:54) on this day you prepare the bulk of your meals, fill the coal buckets, get in the firewood, finish the shopping etc. One of the best verses about what you do is Isaiah 58:13-14.

 On Sabbath we do not work ( this means employment, but excludes nurses, police, firemen) we begin on Sabbath evening with Prayer and if you have children you can have bible stories. We may turn our TV on but only to Christian channels, or watch a DVD ( Anything worldly is left out). Sabbath morning we attend church and may have a combined lunch with other church members or invite a visitor or church member home for lunch. The afternoon can include a walk (as a couple, or in a group)  or visiting, reading, watch a DVD, Christian programs on TV. Going to a mall or any similar secular activity is a distraction from the intent of the Sabbath. Any unnecessary house work is left until after Sabbath, however if you visited some one that needed the wood box filled then that's OK. Kelseys comment about spending time with God sums it up.

Isaiah 56:3 & 6 states I will bless the Gentiles who commit themselves to the LORD and serve him and love his name, who worship him and do not desecrate the Sabbath Day of rest.

We close Sabbath at the sunset time with Prayer and a Bible reading.


So, for you guys, when does the Sabbath start? Friday at sunset I assume. 

My question is, if God declared sunset on this day to be the start of the Sabbath, does that mean sunset in different parts of the world, or sunset in just Israel? Because if sunset Friday in Israel is the start of the Sabbath there, that means the Sabbath relative to me would be several hours later and would also end later. Like, God put this day in place, right? So if God said to the Israelites, "this day, from sunset to sundown, is my day" doesn't that mean that we'd have to follow the Sabbath according to the time zones of the middle east? Because otherwise the day God actually put in place is already over for me by four in the afternoon or something when the sun's still up. 

If any of that made sense.

Also, unrelated to Sabbath, more related to your denomination: From what I've heard Adventists were founded by the guy who kept saying the world was going to end but it kept not ending. Doesn't it bother you that your denomination was founded by a false prophet? Why would you follow something that was founded by a false prophet in the first place? (Not trying to be mean, seriously asking)

Some good question you have asked.

First, as people traveled from the old world both east and west they discovered upon meet­ing on the other side of the world that they were keeping different days, so the 7th day in Jerusalem beginning at sunset would be different from say the 7th Day in New York, but God has asked us to remember the 7th Day. (note in gen 2:3 there was no Israelites) So it is easy enough to work out the 7th Day where you live.

Adventist where not founded by a guy who said the world would end. In the late 1700s through to 1844 a world wide movement developed amongst all Christian faiths. In America a guy called William Millar( A Baptist), was one leading advocate. After what we call the Great Disappointment ( And why would it be wrong to expect Jesus to return, not withstanding the bible says, no man knows the hour, also Millar never became a Seventh Day Adventist) A small group who went through the experience said Why did our hearts burn within us in preaching Jesus's return. My feelings are that if you wished to establish a new movement, by starting out with totally committed people what better way to do it.

The SDA church was formed in 1863.

Wait, can you explain that again?

It's not morally wrong to expect Jesus to return at a certain time, it's just incorrect. the Bible specifically says that no one will know the time or date or anything, not even Jesus, and it will happen when it is least expected. 

I'm still confused, can you give more info on that?

The Jehovah's witnesses certainly have a ton of prophecies that never came true.  Are they what you are thinking of?


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