What state, is your school known for anything, and do you have fellow nerd fighters there?

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Massachusetts, Smith College, so we are known for being a women's school and being one of the top liberal arts schools. We totally have some nerdfighters here, but not very many.

As a straight girl people told me I wouldn't like a women's college but I actually really friggin love it.

Ik how you feel I go to Paul Smith's College, we have a 7:1 guy to girl ratio and were basically located in the wilderness; ppl told me the same thing but I love it here.

I go to Earlham College in Richmond, IN. Nerdfighters seem to make up a sizable percentage of the student body here, but that may just be a coincidence of whom I happen to hang around with.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York... I love it!!!

University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, NM  (:
My favorite teacher is a nerdfighter!!! lol.

DePaul University in Chicago IL. I guess we are known for having a great College of Computing and Digital Media which is the school I am in. Someone just started a nerdfighters facebook group so hopefully we can connect and have a gathering!

do you by chance know Chase Teschendorf?  or anyone that works at Automatic Lofts?  I go to the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago.

Hawaii, University of Hawaii at Hilo. My university is known for... well... nothing. No wait, it USED to be known for having the best theatre in all of Polynesia. And after working in said theatre, either that is no longer true or Polynesia really, really needs to figure out theatre. But, with all this bashing said, its actually a really beautiful campus. The classes are small and personalized, and people tend to be very nice. Just not very much to do, in a small town on a huge, sparsely populated island literally smack in middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

If there are nerdfighters here, I would be immensely surprised and would immediately happy dance all around them

I got to Becker College in Massachusetts. 

We're kinda known for being sketch in all honesty. Its a great school and I love it, but it has a really alternative teaching method and like No exams. It's also run out of houses, Like our game design department is just a big house with rooms as classrooms. 

I haven't met any fellow nerdfighters yet but there are undoubtedly nerds. Our student den often  looks like a LAN party.

University of Victoria, B.C. Canada, known for being the #1 party school of Western Canada, and used to be known for its rabbits. I have no idea if we have any nerdfighters here, I've never met any!

Oregon State University. We're known for engineering.

Ontario! I go to both University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Waterloo is pretty good for CS, Math and Engineering. Laurier...well, it has a decent business program and our st.patty's/homecoming is awesome


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