Mine's Reid, the adorable genius.

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Reid. Hands down.
I also loved Gideon when he was on there! :(

Most Definitely Reid... Ultimate NerdFighter :D
But the close second would be Garcia for me
yes, garcia too, she's so quirky and cute.
I love her relationship with morgan, they are both so awesome :D
REID, DEFIANTLY. Any person who can quote statistics on the fly has my vote any day! Then it's probably Garcia and Hotch. Gotta love the Stoic.
Reid and Garcia :D Reid is so cute and perfectly high-school-boy-asking-Queen-Bee-to-the-school-dance!!!
Reid.. I have the biggest crush on him. And Penelope. I adore her.
I really like Prentice. She's really quick and doesn't take crap from anyone.

I love Garcia and Reid too of course! XD

Reid = love

Second would be Garcia

Reid, of course ♥♥ XD
Yeah. Reid. I think everyone loves Reid. I also love JJ though.


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