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This activity originated after WW1 and WW2, when US vets came back home and wanted to have an activity to stick together and socialize.  This was mostly composed of parading down the street playing Bugles in the key of G, and drums (usually at a ratio of two "Horns" to one drum.)  Eventually, these became popular and soon, every town had a local drum corps either being sponsored by the city, churches, Scout groups, but most Drum Corps were sponsored by VFWs or American Legion's across the country.  Its deep military history made competitions pretty repetitive because the drill charts (marching formations) were the same for every corps.  

In the late 70s, several very gifted people got together and made Drum Corps International (DCI).  The first of these competitions were very military like, but not as regulated as the old shows.  G-Bugles were phased out to comprise of regular band instruments.  Also, creativity began to be a more essential part of the shows year after year until you get what you see today.  Drum Corps in the DCI circuit have tours in the summer which contain over 100 shows in the US, eventually converging in Indianapolis for the Championships.


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